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   Chapter 244 Stealing A Kiss Of A Beauty (Part One)

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On the festival of the seventh of July, Mary prepared a family banquet in Rong Mansion, but Zac wanted to spend the time with his wife alone, so he took her to the top of the mountain to watch the stars.

Far away from the pollution of city lights, the sky at the top of the mountain was exceptionally bright, and the stars were exceptionally bright.

"Where is the Milky way?" Essie had never seen a few stars in a big city except the bright moon which was hardly covered by the lights.

Holding her hand, Zac pointed at a silver ribbon in the sky from the north to the south, looking across the sky, and said, "That is the Milky way."

"What?" Raising her eyebrows, Essie said, "This is the Milky way! It's so different from the photo!"

"Although it is far away from the city, there will still be pollution of the light. If we go to the place where there was not any light, there will be a vast expanse of Milky way which looks totally different from this." Zac said with a smile.

"Sounds like you've seen it before." Essie gave him a reproachful glance.

Zac shrugged and didn't answer. He had been to many places and seen many spectacular scenes that no one had ever seen before.

With her hands on the back of her head, Essie blinked her eyes and said in a teasing tone, "It was a night of seventh of July. In the evening, isn't there a group of magpies would gather together and make a bridge between the east and west bank of the Milky way to enable the couple to meet each other? Why don't I see any magpies?"

Zac stroked her white and delicate nose and said with a teasing smile, "If they chose to meet each other, they would definitely choose some deserted places like the South Pole and Nort

er big eyes without blinking, and pouted her mouth.

He didn't dare to let her hear it. It must have something to do with Leila. He probably wanted the two families to be reconciled and agreed to their marriage, so that these young lovers could get married.

"Icy guy, let's hope that the Vega can hear your wish!" She said in a low voice, so that she could get released and leave freely.

"Don't you make a wish?" Zac clicked her head.

"Of course I will." She closed her eyes and put her hands together, but her mind was blank and she didn't know what wishes she should make.

Hanson? It was impossible for them to be together. An icy guy? He didn't love her. How could he live happily with her for the rest of his life?

When she was sad, Zac said in a low voice. "You are only allowed to make a wish about me. You are not allowed to make a wish with someone else in it." His tone was arrogant and domineering.

She was in a total mess. Was it necessary to control her heart in such a way?

"You can control me, my body, but you can't control my heart, unless you become a cadelle into my heart." She glanced at him peevishly.

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