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   Chapter 243 No Misfortune If You Did Not Ask For It (Part Two)

Mystery of Love By Orange Characters: 5517

Updated: 2020-03-03 00:22

When she walked to the center, she heard the crack of the rope on her feet. She was scared to death. She squatted down and tightly grasped the ropes on both sides. She screamed, "Help! The rope is breaking --"

But she didn't know that the rope on both side was cut too. With a 'snap' sound, the hanging bridge was completely cut off. Melanie in her screams was like free fall, and fell heavily on the air cushion.

The staff rushed around her and asked about her condition.

Because of the buffer effect of air cushion, her body was intact, but the refitted part was miserable.

Her chin where she had the plastic surgery, was broken.

The staff called an ambulance and sent her to the hospital.

Eva rubbed her chin. "She was so scared just now. Did she know that the rope would break?"

"Maybe she went through the time machine here yesterday." Essie sneered again.

Melanie stayed in hospital for a few days, thinking that things had gone by this way. However, one day when she woke up in the middle of the night, she found that she had been taken to an empty room.

In front of her were two masked men in black.

"Who are you? What are you doing?" she asked in horror.

"Do you know David of the special skill group?" A man in black took out a picture and put it in front of her. The picture was like the picture of a horror movie, which was extremely horrible.

Melanie covered her eyes and screamed in horror: "No, I don't know this man."

"But he knows you. He told everything about you hired him to do." The men in black snorted. Melanie was trembling, "Let me go. How much money do you want? I'll give it to you."


into her background and expose her past before she became famous. Fans from all walks of life would blame her for that.

The crew of 'War Emperor' announced that the second heroine should be replaced by Zoe.

People in their circle knew that Melanie was screwed and she would be banned forever, and she would never get a chance to rise again. As the saying goes, "Do ever asked for misfortune by your misdeeds."

In the Xu family's manor, after watching the news, Elizabeth was extremely disappointed.

She let out news about Essie hooked up with Jim, and help Eva to get the leading heroine, in order to stimulate Melanie and Wendy's hatred. So that she could take advantage of their sabers to get rid of Essie. She didn't expect that the saber was so weak that it was cut off in a few seconds.

"Mommy, that bitch is so lucky. She always got out of the way." Valery was furious.

"Don't worry. There are plenty of chances. She can't just get away with it every single time." Elizabeth snorted coldly. Her eyes looked particularly weird, as if she had come up with a more vicious idea.

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