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   Chapter 240 An Accident

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It was the first time that she had been lifted on wire. With excitement and freshness, she flew up and down in the air of a few meters, like a fairy.

There was not even a moment when the eyes of Zac were looking away from her. On the one hand, her elegant and fairy like posture fascinated him, and on the other hand, he wanted to ensure her safety.

Just as she was fighting with the Demon Warlord, the lifted arm suddenly took a turn, and the steel wire on the wire machine slipped out of its track. The people in the air almost fell straight.

Helplessness and fear overwhelmed her. As she fell, Essie closed her eyes in despair, thinking that she would be smashed to pieces by the accident.

However, after a long time, the expected fierce collision did not come. The floor was soft and not hard at all, and her body did not hurt.

But she didn't dare to open her eyes. Her heart was still pounding in extreme fear until she heard an anxious voice, "You little fool, are you all right? Open your eyes and look at me. "

She nervously opened her eyes a gap and found herself lying in the arms of Zac. His face was pale and the corners of his mouth were slightly trembling, as if he had not recovered from the scary scene just now.

"Icy guy, are you the one who caught me?" Tears welled up in her eyes, and her small hands held his clothes tightly.

He nodded and asked with concern, "Did you hurt anywhere?"

She shook her head. Luckily, the wire was only five meters high. Otherwise, it would have been more or less injured even if she had been caught by him, and his arms would have been damaged due to the strong impact.

Jim was also hanging in the air. The SWAT team put him down. Eva, who was changing her make-up, in a hurry running out after hearing the accident. It was a little relief to see that Essie was safe and sound.

"What's going on?" Jim roared in rage.

The Swat immediately checked Essie's wire and found that the screw hanging on the wire had been loosed.

"Haven't you checked it before?" Asked Jim sullenly.

"I went to have dinner after checking the machine. It is impossible to get loose." The security guard said with confusion.

"In the future, before actors and actresses are allowed to go to wire, the machine must be strictly checked again," the assistant director reminded.

Jim moved this scene to the back and asked other actors to continue their acting. His assistant hurried to inform the second heroine, Melanie who had just arrived Hengdian this afternoon to come to the film set., waiting for Evan's story to be finished. Then it was her turn.

Melanie came faster than she expected. Before Essie removed her make-up, she arrived.

"I heard there was an accident as soon as I arrived. Are you okay?" She walked closer to Essie and asked.

"I'm fine. Thanks for asking." Essie shrugged and gave a glance at her from the mirror. She hadn't had much contact with Melanie. And what she asked surprised her a little.

Melanie was one of the four most famous actress who ranked same as Nicole. And she was also called the most beautiful lady in the entertainment circle. It was said that she was Jim's secret girlfriend. However, no matter it was at celebrities parties or in friends' part

e taught. Don't worry. I will take good care of you from now on," said Jim as he nodded, with an evil and attractive smile on his face. His tone was ambiguous and intriguing.

Essie smiled, with two lovely dimples on her cheeks.

Zac wrapped his arms around her shoulders and whispered in her ear, "My dear wife, are you the mediator or the matchmaker?"

Hearing that, Essie was stunned. Matchmaker? How was that possible?

One of them was a game love affair, the other was a playboy and the other was a playboy. She couldn't imagine what would happen between them.

"No, I don't think they are a good match." She shook her head vigorously.

"What do you mean?" Eva heard her talking to herself and asked curiously.

"Zac wants to eat spicy meat, but he is always afraid of spicy food, so I say it is not appropriate." Essie made up an excuse quickly. Then, she picked up a lamb kebab without pepper and handed it to Zac.

"Don't be so nervous. It doesn't matter if I eat a little spicy food." Eva smiled, "The taste of people in this River City is the most diversified. We can eat sour, sweet, spicy and numb food."

"You are easy to be satisfied." The corners of Zac's mouth were slightly raised. In a pampering manner, he stroked the head of Essie.

Looking at the sweet couple, Jim jokingly sighed, "Alas, I even want to get married as you are so affectionate."

Zac raise his eyebrows as he joked, "If you really meet the right person for your marriage, you must not hesitate. Do what you have to do quickly, or else you will be defeated by others." If he could not be more resolute and domineering, the next second, his little fool would be taken away by Hanson.

Jim curled his lips and pretended to be dissatisfied, "You've taken away the best one. I don't know how to find again. All I can do is to rob from you?"

With a sharp eye, Zac said, "If anyone dares to covet my wife, he will regret living on the earth." She said those words one by one, threatening and destructive.

Squinting at him, an idea occurred to Essie. If he knew that she was this evil woman, Cathy one day, would he still protect her like this and never let her go?

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