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   Chapter 235 First Love That Was Nothing (Part One)

Mystery of Love By Orange Characters: 5494

Updated: 2020-03-01 10:13

The storm of 'mistresses' had just subsided, and before she could breathe a sigh of relief, thee man's first love showed up.

It turned out that at her 25th birthday, she was holding a birthday party at the Moonlight club and invited Zac to attend it.

Since Essie came back from Yang City, Zac had never seen Leila again. But Leila was not willing to quietly quit. She believed that the purpose of their marriage was just to get rid of Valery. The person he really loved was her. Although he was temporarily enchanted by Essie, she could not replace her position, and she did not allow her to replace it.

When she saw the invitation card in the bedside table drawer, Essie felt very unhappy. She wondered if she would have a sour tongue after drinking dark plum soup in the morning?

When she heard the sound of Zac's footsteps after taking a bath, she pretended to look at the cellphone without seeing anything in the drawer.

Zac stole a glance at her. The invitation card was deliberately put in the drawer of the bedside table. He liked to see her sulking because of him, which made him feel that she had him in her heart.

And when Essie saw that he didn't show any anger, she got even more depressed.

'This guy is so bold. Doesn't he need to report to his original lover in advance if he wants to go out to have a private date with his first love? Isn't it necessary to apply for her permission?'

"Let's watch a movie tomorrow night. I heard that the 'Nine Demon Pagoda' is a good one. I want to watch it," she said deliberately.

"Aren't you going after the 'Nirvana in Fire' every night? Aren't you going to chase it

s eyebrows and showed a mischievous smile.

"How is that possible? I can sleep early and get up late if you're not here. I can get enough sleep." She stared at him fiercely. The big bad wolf was getting more and more difficult to satisfy. He would torture her not only in the night but also in the day. He'd better not to come back both day and night so that she could be stay quietly by herself.

"In that case, I won't come back tomorrow night. Have a good sleep." His gentle voice was like a night wind from the window that blew in but caused a great disturbance in her heart.

She was angry and near to lose her senses. She jumped up from the bed with her hands on the hips and stared at him angrily. "I think you'd better bring your first lover back. I'll make room for you and I'll go back to Yang City." She was just a substitute. Now that his true love came here to find him, how could she refuse to give in?

It seemed that it was a little too much for Zac. He wanted to see how the dull melon would be jealous for him, but he knew that too much jealousy would hurt her stomach.

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