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   Chapter 234 The Truth (Part Two)

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She pressed the play button and slowly came the voice of Cherry, "I put the drug and Sophia was also bribed by me to set Essie up. You don't have any evidence and you can't report me..."

Cherry was throbbing violently, her face as pale as paper. Suddenly, she laughed and said, "I did that, so what? She hurt me first. She asked Sage to buy those jellyfish and peanuts butter, and she also deliberately framed Essie. Unfortunately, I heard what she said to Sage, and I was almost disfigured because of allergy. Shouldn't I repay her?"

"You can pay her back, but you shouldn't have bribed Sophia to set up Essie." Zac snapped.

"I just wanted to do aunt Mary a favor by the way. Didn't you see how happy she was when she knew that Essie was dead?" Cherry laughed bitterly.

"You..." Mary was embarrassed.

Cherry averted her gaze at Jenny and said, "I didn't expect that you would be so insidious. Last time, you threatened me with this matter and forced me to quit. I didn't agree with you to leave Zac. So you found such a way to get rid of me."

"Haven't you done enough harm to me?" Jenny glared at her. She thought to herself, 'If I get rid of her, Zac will belong to me forever.'

"Unfortunately, everyone is going to be disappointed." Zac sneered, picked up the phone and dialed a number. "Honey, you've wronged. Now you can come back to life."

Hearing this, everyone shivered and looked at each other.

Half an hour later, the sound of a car's engine came from the outside. When Essie came in again with a pleasant face, Cherry hid herself behind the sofa as if she had seen a ghost. The others were shocked too.

"You... Ar

had someone take Valery back to the Xu Family to take good care of her. She didn't want any accident to happen to the baby in her belly, and the whole Rong Mansion was quiet all of a sudden.

Lying on the lounge chair at the terrace, Essie seemed to have just won a battle, with unprecedented happiness on her face.

Zac came in with a medicine bottle in his hand. "Take this later."

Finally, he brought her the medicine.

She took it over smilingly, with complete incomprehensible words on it. It must have been bought from abroad.

"Thank you, freezing guy." She smiled, not noticing the hidden cunning in his eyes. "Take only one piece every day. Don't eat too much."

Nonsense! Who would take more medicine when he had nothing special!

She pouted and opened the bottle and took one immediately.


No way. Her husband was so strong, and the birth control pills were also as delicious as candy. No wonder he asked her not to eat too much.

"Honey, take your medicine. Are you relieved now?" He smirked.

She took a deep breath again, and it was too late to escape.

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