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   Chapter 229 Essie Was Framed (Part Two)

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"Mommy, I have the final say on my marriage. I won't blame her even if it was done by her. If she really did it, that was because someone pushed her to do this." After that, Zac held up the hand of Essie and took her away. Mary trembled with fear. She knew what her son was referring to. She did it for him. For the sake of the Rong Family, she couldn't just let this fox, who was fated to conquer her husband, stay in their family. She must have destroyed their family and made them turn upside down.

When they went back to the villa, Essie looked very calm, not affected by Mary's accusation at all.

She had been accustomed to it. No matter whether the matter was related to her or not, she would be sure that it was she who did it.

Alas, she inherited her mother's genes and didn't know how to please her mother-in-law.

"I'm hungry. I'll go to the kitchen and find something to eat. Do you want to eat?" She patted on Zac's shoulder.

"I asked Sophia to make chicken feet with pickled peppers for you and put them in the fridge." Zac rubbed her nose. He knew what she liked to eat, so he had specially asked Sophia to prepare it.

"Thank you, honey." Then she stood on tiptoe and kissed him on his cheek. He purposely turned his head and her kiss fell on his lips.

"You're annoying." She gave him a playful blow on the shoulder, turned around and walked towards the kitchen.

Looking at her back, Zac sighed. Although she looked calm on the surface, he knew that she would be more or less sad. If her mother still made troubles for him like this and beat up this couple, when could she open her heart to him?

Essie c

little fool was actually a very simple person, indifferent, easily satisfied, and her mood came faster and went faster. When she was confused, she was cute and adorable, which made him want to protect her well, when she was clever, she was quick witted and could be a good partner to him. She was irreplaceable. Even if she did not love him and loved someone else, he would not let her go.

"Icy guy. I love it very much. It is so tasty. Aren't you going to eat them?" She put one of them to his mouth.

"I only want to eat you." He snickered, his eyes fixed on her, and gradually became warm. Suddenly, she realized that she was wearing a swimsuit. She quickly took out a night robe from the wardrobe and put it on to amuse herself.

"Honey, don't you know that you are more beautiful with yourself half covered?" His narrowed eyes twinkled with excitement.

Timber wolf!

She turned her head, pretending that she hadn't heard his words. She went on eating her chicken claws. After she killed the last one, she licked her hands and asked, "Icy guy, when will you buy me new drugs?"

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