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   Chapter 228 Essie Was Framed (Part One)

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But she didn't say it out loud. She just said in a light voice, "We have a deal that we shouldn't plan to get pregnant before the birth of Valery's child."

Zac's somber eyes flickered. He would definitely win this time. She would give him everything in her life, and no more illusions could be heard. "It's up to me whether to have a baby or not." He let her go, grabbed the medicine box on the table, threw it away and threw it out of the window.

"If you throw it away, I can buy another one. You can't force me to have a baby." She gritted her teeth and fought back bravely.

A lightning flashed on his face, and a flame of fury almost burned her to pieces in his dark eyes. But soon, he concealed all his anger, leaving behind a strange and profound look. "I will choose a medicine with the least side effect for you," He said coldly and went out.

This unexpected response made her stunned.

Did he agree her about not having a baby?

In fact, many women scrambled to give birth to babies for him. He didn't have to force her to do that!

It was peaceful in the villa on the first day. Maybe everyone was tired after the journey, so they went to bed early. The next day, however, the situation was not very peaceful. At first, it was Jenny who got stung by a jellyfish when she was swimming in the pool. Then, it was Cherry who was allergic to peanuts butter. As a result, she was in a lot of rashes all over her body.

With a pleased smile, Valery was drinking juice in the garden, while Sage stood by her side to serve her.

"You're awesome, Miss. Now two foxes can't pester Mr. Rong any more."

"How could I give them the chance?" Valery said with a sneer.

"Miss, why don't you do something for Essie? She

mory serves me right, you are the only one who has ever been out of this villa except for Sophia. Can I suspect that you bought all these?" There were only a few people in the villa. It was easy to find out who did that.

"I just went out to buy some of persimmons for our lady. She really craving for it. I didn't buy any other things," said Sage, who was guilty, hiding behind Valery.

For fear that some possibilities might be found out by Zac, Valery quickly said, "Zac, even if you want to cover up for Essie, there is no need for you to slander Sage. Since Cherry and Jenny have nothing against Sage, they won't be a threat to me. Why did Sage hurt them?"

Zac sneered, "It's neither black nor white. You two know it better than anyone else whether you've done this job or not."

Seeing that her son was intentionally shifting the responsibility, Mary was extremely angry. It was obvious that he was protecting Essie. "Zac, if you think that the evidence is not enough, I will continue to investigate. If it is really her who did it, I want you to divorce her, and we will never allow such a vicious woman to be the hostess of our family."

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