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   Chapter 226 The Fourth Mistress Was Taught A Lesson

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"Even without me, it's not your turn to stand by Zac. There's someone else with Zac." Then, Essie glimpsed at Valery, who was sitting in a corner of the coffee house. Her face was livid with rage and who was ready to vent it.

Cherry thought that she was just a guest, so she ignored her and said, "You said the woman named Valery, didn't you? I've heard about her. She is pregnant, isn't it? I know that Zac didn't like her at all and she had no chance to be the hostess of the Rong Family at all. I'm going on a holiday with Zac. Maybe by that time, I will also get pregnant. How about asking her to be your company and leave with you together?"

Cherry laughed hysterically. Those extremely sarcastic words were undoubtedly adding oil to the flames. Valery suddenly slapped the table and roared, "Sage, teach this bitch a lesson!"

"Yes, Miss!" Sage pulled up her sleeves, summoned the four bodyguards at the door and let them in to capture Cherry.

"What are you doing?" Cherry was frightened and she screamed in horror.

When the shop assistants downstairs heard the noise, they all rushed up quickly. "Miss Yi, what happened? Can I help you?"

Asked one of them. It was Zac's order. He told them not to expose the identity of bodyguards, but they did not take any action when they found that it was not Essie who was caught.

"Nothing serious. It's just a little conflict between two clients. You may go to handle your business. Don't worry." Essie then waved her hand to say goodbye to them.

"Call us if you need help." The shop assistants nodded and went out.

Sage closed the door to prevent her screaming from disturbing a passer-by.

"Who are you?" Cherry was shocked to see the pregnant woman swaying her big belly to walk towards her.

"She is the second daughter of the Xu Family, Valery, called by you just now," Essie said coldly again.

Cherry's face immediately turned pale. Even her lips lost color.

Valery walked up and slapped Cherry's face hard. Her face was soon swollen.

"Help! Someone is killing me!" Cherry was terrified. She raised her voice and screamed.

Sage picked up a piece of rag from the tailored table and covered Cherry's mouth. Then, she slapped on her own face twice and said, "I'll beat you to death! You shameless bitch! I'll see how dare you seduce Mr. Rong!"

Valery picked up a scissor from the table. Under the light, the sharp edge of the scissor gave out a cold and fierce light. She said, "I'll poke it on your face, and then I'll see whether Zac will like you or not." There was malicious expression in her eyes. She couldn't help gritting her teeth in hatred at the sight of Cherry's pretty hybrid face. She wanted to poke her into a beehive.

Seeing that she was about to disfigure herself, Cherry was trembling violently. She couldn't help rolling her eyes and she almost passed out. When Valery was about to cut down the scissors, Essie reached out her hand and grabbed her wrist. "Don't be too harsh on her. Just teach her a lesson. She is gaining the momentum at the moment. There are two backing for her, Zac and Mommy. If you destroy her face now, you might not be able to stay in the Rong family


"I feel great only when I'm with you." He caught her hand when she wasn't looking and kissed her on the mouth. Only she could cure his hidden disease, not any other women.

"You sex maniac." She thumped him on the shoulder with shyness. Whatever he wanted, she didn't stop him. As long as he was satisfied, he would not do anything else.

Two hours later, he sighed contentedly, held her in his arms and lay on the sofa for a rest.

She felt drowsy but was thinking of another thing. So she asked, "I heard Cherry told me that you are going to have a holiday this weekend. Is that true?"

Zac frowned. Needless to guess, his mother must have arranged this. There was not a moment of peace for him.

"If mommy wants to go on a holiday, Cherry can accompany her. I am not interested in joining them,"

"If you don't go on a holiday, your mom will find a way to arrange other things. I think it's better to give her a hand." With another sigh, Essie knew more than enough of what the woman would do. Mary was an extremely stubborn person.

"No matter what kind of thing it is, I can refuse it. There is no need to wrong myself." There was a cold expression on Zac's face.

"Why don't you go out together since you have two more concubines?" A weird smile climbed up Essie's face again. They three woman made a good show and the four women got more excited. If Mary wanted to make Cherry a special treatment for her, she had to ask if the other women agree or not.

Zac understood what she meant. He rubbed her nose and said, "You are always smart." Before Valery's child was born, he had to accompany his mother to make trouble. After that, he had to take a tough attitude and not to let his mother make trouble again. As a son, he was obligated to be filial to his mother, but as a husband, he was more obligated to protect his wife and marriage.

As soon as they got home in the evening, Mary proposed to go on a holiday in City C, and Zac agreed without hesitation. Originally, Daisy was very happy, but she didn't expect that her son brought three women with him, including the pregnant Helin.

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