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   Chapter 222 Fight Fire With Fire (Part One)

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When they arrived at the exclusive shop, she saw a familiar face at the door.

"Are you talking about him?" Essie pointed at the man. Her curiosity decreased from one hundred degree to Zero degree.

Amy nodded, with a hint of excitement in her eyes, "Well, sister Yi, I have a new dream man now."

As excellent toy boy, Jacy was clinging to the man, he acted as a shopping guide when he was trying to show his close relationship with the man. "Oba, our SUMMER100℃ is the most popular fashion brand in Dragon City now. King Jim and Nicole are wearing our brands. Oba, you have a nice figure and muscles. Our clothes fit you well."

Essie coughed to break in, "Jacy, invite your Oba having a cup of coffee upstairs? Then she turned around and went upstairs.

Amy went to make coffee immediately.

When the man came up, Essie walked to him, with one hand on her waist and the other on his shoulder, "Let me introduce to you. This is the handsome and the extremely talented designer of this exclusive store and studio. He is the genius designer of Harvard University, the Academy of architecture."

"Oh, my god. Harvard University!" Amy crossed her hands and rested her chin on her hands. She looked up at the man and said, "Oba, I admire you so much. You must be the most powerful man in the world in my heart."

Jacy squatted down and put on an adorable look. "I'm willing to be your pet. Take me."

Zac was helpless. What a funny couple!

He rubbed Essie's little head and said, "My dear wife, keep a low profile!"


Amy and Jacy looked at each other surprisingly.

"Sister. Yi, he called you wife?" Amy's dark eyes widened.

Essie coughed to continue

ile. "Babe, you have killed three birds with one stone."

First, after he took Jenny home, all Mary's plan was exposed. She would never dare to introduce other girl for him again. Second, Valery thought that she met a new rival, she would pay all her attention on them and wouldn't deal with Essie specially. Third, when Valery found that Mary had secretly introduced a woman to Zac, she would surely be difficult to get along with her. There must be a gap between them. And they would not be able to work closely as before.

Hearing what he said, Essie flicked the hair at her temples and sighed. She had no choice. What else could she do since she had such a mother-in-law, who was too fussy?

Before, she had thought that the reason why Mary didn't like her was because of Valery. Now she realized that Mary didn't like her simply because she just did not like her at all. Mary would rather introduce another woman to the icy guy than accept her. Just like how much Vicki disliked her mother, for no reason. The only way she could explain the reason behind this dislike was that the five elements intertwined.

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