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   Chapter 214 Opponents Always Meet

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"Little pepper, why are you crying?" Suddenly, he changed the lines, and the script ran far away.

Eva gritted his teeth. While removing her attack, she pushed him away and turned around. "Little monkey, yesterday I was hurt by a poisonous insect transformed by the sacred mountain old witch by the lake. I am quite poisonous now. You'd better stay away from me, or you will also be poisoned."

In the auditorium, Essie took a deep breath. She had read all the lines of the performance, and the lines were completely different. Oh, shit, these two people must have fought against each other again!

A hint of viciousness flashed in Jim eyes, 'What? Poisonous insect! Did she curse me?'

"Pepper, the poison is huge. Let me operate to dispel it for you." He was going to hit on Eva's back, but he did not expect that Eva turned around. So his big palm fell right on her chest.

All of a sudden, the shyness and anger from Eva's neck rushed to her face, making her face blush, like a ripe Washington apple. Fortunately, the flashlight around her was on to cover her abnormality.

But Jim could see that clearly.

He was shock by the accident. Even though she was wearing a dress, he could feel her breast was so soft. It felt good even though it was small.

Seeing that he didn't put down his hand, Eva was furious.

'Son of a bitch! How dare you take advantage of me in public! You wanna die?' thought she.

But there were thousands of people watching, and it was not good to show it too obviously. She rolled her eyes and said, "Ah!" She fell on the floor, and said, "Little monkey, it's useless. My heart is being attacked by poison blood. I'm going to lose consciousness soon. Get out, or I'll hurt you."

Suddenly, she changed into a ferocious demonic beast.

They are going to have a fight?

Jim sneered. He looked into the eyes of Eva who revealed some provocation. He said, "Can you defeat me?"

"I've been practicing for a long time. Today, let's talk about the old and new wrongs together," Eva glared as she said.

She kicked the air and raised the curtain which began the fight.

The audience thought it was a show, and kept applauding.

Only Essie knew it was a real fight. She wiped the sweat from her forehead and couldn't bear to look at them anymore.

The director and supervisor at the backstage were all confused, and the plot of the speech had completely changed.

"Director Liu, what happened?" Assistant director couldn't help asking.

"Maybe it was an intentional test of the actor's on-the-spot performance." The director rubbed his chin. Jim never liked to play according to the routine, so it was not strange that he suddenly changed the script.

"Don't worry. We will shoot as king Jim acts," The supervisor said. No matter what kind of tricks King Jim was playing, the audience would buy it.

In the past few days, besides acting, Eva practicing karate very hard. She had made obvious progress in her fighting skills. Unfortunately, she was still no match for Jim.

Jim cast a sardonic glance at her and said, "You can't defeat me no matter how hard you practice."

Eva was furious, "If a tiger doesn't get angry, who do you think I am?" When she struck him across the chest, Jim moved quickly.

The audience burst into a loud ro

not dreaming, right? Pinch me a little harder."

Smiling, Essie pinched her arm and asked, "Does it hurt?"

"Ouch! I'm not dreaming!" Eva scratched her head and laughed.

She went back to the stage again and received the most enthusiastic applause and flowers. Eva was in a complicated and excited mood. She never thought there would be such a day.

Jim walked to her elegantly and put the champion crystal crown on her head. "The trivial role player, do you know why I asked you to act?" He whispered in a very low voice just like his lips, and the words just came out into her ears.

"Why?" Eva said nothing but just moving her lips.

"In order to create more chance to punish you." The corners of his mouth lifted into a devilish smile.

Eva felt that ice water was pouring down from her head. The joy and excitement disappeared without a trace. She knew that a bad man was not fair and kind-hearted. Did he want to punish her? Well, I'll take the challenge. Let's see who will laugh until the end?

"I'll wait!" Eva glared at him and clenched her teeth.

As soon as she went backstage, Vinton came in with his 999 roses. "Congratulations, Eva."

"Thank you, Mr. Xu." Evan said with a smile.

Vinton watched her, bewitching, "How about going out to celebrate tonight?"

Eva shook her head and said, "I'm afraid I can't make it today. I'm going to sign with Sino Star and attend the celebration party. It'll be very late. Let's fix it some other day."

"Okay, I'll call you then." Vinton shrugged. He was not in a hurry. He knew that if he took the pepper in one bite, he would choke himself to death.

"The movie will start shooting in two days. Would you like to come and visit my shift?" Eva wanted to use him as a gun for self-defense and see how Jim would handle her?

"No problem." With a coquettish smile, Vinton made an 'OK' gesture.

A cold light was projected over from not far away.

Jim's eyes were sharp and cold. He looked coldly at the two of them with a mocking tone.

Did this trivial role player plan to ask for Vinton to back her up? What a stupid woman! By that time, she would be eaten by him, a hungry wolf, and it would be too late to cry.

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