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   Chapter 212 Fully Immersed In The Role (Part One)

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"I'll go buy it," Zac said as he dotingly caressed Essie's hair. With a sweet smile on his lips, he left to find the convenience store.

Essie breathed a sigh of relief and walked up to Jim.

"Hey, Jim!" she greeted brightly. "You better open your eyes to see how good Eva's acting skills are!" Her grin was from ear to ear. Since the final stage of the audition was just around the corner, she knew that she had to help Eva make a good impression on Jim.

Jim didn't reply. For him, it was weird seeing a tomboy play a character so silly and sweet. 'It's just like watching a lunatic play someone rich and handsome, ' he thought, disgusted.

"Eva has been working really hard, you know," Essie continued. "She wants to make sure she makes her mark in this industry without the help of hidden connections or anything like that, so she has been banished from the entertainment industry by her agency. Because of that, she has no choice but play roles that are kind of...trivial." Jim looked like he was trying to find the words to say. After a while, he said, "Didn't she hook up with Vinton? She'll be famous soon enough." A mocking smile tugged at the corners of Jim's mouth. 'You're never too pure for this industry. Eva just didn't want to be an old, crusty guy's mistress. Now that she met someone young, handsome, and rich, I bet she wouldn't pass up the opportunity to throw herself into his arms!' he thought, amused.

"What?" Essie asked in surprise. "What did you just say? Eva hooked up with Vinton?" A chuckle then escaped her lips. Jim, however, was looking more confused than ever. "No, no, no! She didn't hook up with him! Don't you understand? She was just using him to piss you off!"

Jim was stunned by the sudden revelation. "What?" he asked, his eyes wide. "Did she really do that? What a crazy woman!"

"I know!" Essie answered, laughing out loud. "Well, I'm sorry to say but I think you fully deserved it! Do you remember when you kissed her by the lake? That was her first kiss! You basically snatched her first kiss away from her just like that!" Her long and thick eyelashes fluttered like a butterfly's wings atop her beautiful almond eyes. What she said was like a thunderbolt out of a clear sky to Jim.

"That was her first kiss? Are you kidding me?" he asked in disbelief.

Once again, Essie chuckled. "Oh, Jim, our Eva is very, very conservative. The day you kissed her, she literally locked herself up in her room and cried the whole night," she explained. "I know that for a lot of people, first kisses aren't such a big deal. For Eva, however, it was so significant that she really f

hey announced that they would be exclusively selling merchandise and so several big e-commerce companies scrambled to get the right of selling their clothes on the Internet.

Essie smiled brightly. Her already pretty face became even more beautiful with the happiness she was feeling inside.

Zac, on the other hand, didn't seem to share Essie's happiness. Instead, he looked incredibly miserable.

Why? Well, it was the second time Essie and Jim worked on something together. The first time they did was when they performed a romantic duet during the second season of Beauty on Runway. Now, with Jim all over the media because of Summer 100°C, people started thinking that Essie was his girlfriend.

It was too much for Zac to bear.

The fans who thought that Jim and Essie were a great match continuously clamored for them to get together on screen, as if they were a couple.

While Zac knew that these people didn't know anything about Jim's and Essie's personal lives, he could not help but feel extremely upset.

'How can Jim be a good match for my wife?' he thought angrily.

'I am the only one who should be perfect for my wife! These disrespectful fans need to understand that!'

He was incredibly close to revealing to the public that he and Essie were married, but she wouldn't let him. It was because she wanted to increase the shop's popularity through that publicity stunt. Being in the entertainment industry for a considerable amount of time, she knew how effective publicity stunts were for things like shops. And to make things clearer and make sure that he wouldn't dare make their marriage public, Essie threatened Zac that if he did what he wanted to do, she would wear her ugly night gown for the rest of her life.

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