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   Chapter 211 Couldn't Piss Off The Bossy Husband (Part Two)

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Updated: 2020-02-26 00:02

She put the difficulties in front of him, making him understand that what he had proposed was impossible to complete.

His gloomy and cold eyes blinked in the light. He opened another script.

This story was about a loser who made a successful transformation which mainly applied to men's wear.

The hero was a boy in IT industry. He had a secret crush on the campus beauty, but he didn't have the courage to express his love for her. He could only silently stay by her side. After failing again and again, the hero developed a shocking super software and owned his IT company. However, his muse was about to marry another man. The leading character went to the church to stop the wedding and express his love to her. It turned out that she had always liked him.

The advertisement of this movie, "SPRING100℃ offers you the confidence and courage to press ahead."

"You can act this," Zac said, putting the script on the table.

"You narrow-minded mean man," Essie muttered angrily.

The man reached out and grabbed her into his arms, with one hand covering her left chest, as if trying to hold her heart. "I can be very generous, as long as there is only me here."

With a sneer, she touched his chest with her index finger and asked, "Will you only have me here?"

"Who else can it be?" There were sparkles in the eyes of Zac. He only had one heart and only for one woman.

"Your heart rests in your body. I can't see it." Essie pouted as she knew where she was and she wouldn't be dreaming in vain.

He sighed and put her head on his chest. "You can hear, and yo

" Evan praised. She and Walt had been ready. As soon as the filming of Essie and Jim came to an end, they would enter the shooting of their first love story.

"She has many gifts," Walt said in a low voice, staring at Essie not far away.

Eva glanced at him, and the gentleness in his eyes was hard to hide. It was not a good thing for a brother to fall in love with the same woman.

"She and your brother are a perfect match," she said on purpose.

Walt didn't say anything, a cold light quietly flashing across his eyes. He completely disagreed with it because she was supposed to be his.

As soon as the director called 'cut', Zac walked over and held his wife to comfort his jealous heart.

Sensing the threat, Jim immediately stepped away.

It was better to stay away from a husband who was tyrannical.

They were showing off their love in front of everyone, Essie felt embarrassed. She pushed him away and said, "I'm thirsty. I want orange juice." She needed to find an excuse and sent him away. She had something to talk with Jim.

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