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   Chapter 210 Couldn't Piss Off The Bossy Husband (Part One)

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After that night of the socialite ball and Essie's amazing appearance in the evening dress of the Epiphyllum collection, SUMMER 100℃ had drawn the attention of the Dragon City socialites.

Mary didn't allow her customer to come to the Rong Mansion to disturb them. She and her customer communicated online, but advanced customized tailoring needed to be communicated face-to-face.

After considering for a while, she decided to open an exclusive shop.

Zac helped her choose a two floor large store located in the Central Commercial Street.

The first floor was an exclusive shop for clothes, and the second floor was her studio, which tailored customized clothes for her customers.

As an exclusive model, Eva and Zac also took a proactive investment in this new shop, so the shop had four initial shareholders.

All the six shop assistants were chosen by Zac himself. They were all of the best figures and looks, but Essie didn't know about them. They had another identity, bodyguards.

Essie divided the exclusive shop downstairs into two parts, one for women and the other for men.

The men's clothing series also had its own brand called SPRING 100℃.

The design of the shop was run by Zac personally.

Zac was the youngest winner of the Pritzker construction award in the world.

In his eyes, the CEO was only a side occupation, and the architect was is formal occupation.

After the decoration of the exclusive shop, Essie also planned to shoot an advertisement of a micro movie, which would be used as a brand promotion film.

After all, the two major shareholders were the supreme tycoons, so they had the right to be capricious.

The main roles of the movie were two spokespersons, including herself, and one more figure who was none other than Jim. Since he was so popular, the fans of the movie must have rushed to her shop to buy her products.

But she had to ask Zac to persuade Jim to join t


Zac was not satisfied with this script. There were shadows of confusion and Hanson in it all the time. He strongly requested to rebuild it, but the woman insisted without hesitation.

"This is my publicity video. It's up to me."

"I am the producer and I have the right to make any changes," said the man in a very domineering way. He would allow her to do anything, but it had to be nothing with Hanson.

"The first love story is mainly about women's dress. Each plot is equipped with corresponding clothes. I have designed it, and the clothing must be changed as well if the plot changed," Essie protested fearlessly.

"Yes, change all of them!" the man said coldly, like an emperor who gave orders and allowed no one to disobey his imperial edict.

Seeing how obstinate the man was, Essie knew it was his strong possessive desire in the middle of the way. It is unlikely he would yield to it. She could do nothing but soften the contradiction. "If you don't like me to act in this play, then just let brother and Eva act it. Although it's only a ten minutes' play, they need to change six sets of clothes. Next week is the final of the audition for the 'War Emperor'. Jim and Eva are only available this week. How can I design six more sets of clothes in a few days?"

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