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   Chapter 203 Good At Playing Dumb (Part Two)

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Updated: 2020-02-24 00:22

He turned over and put on an evil smile. "I can conquer you in bed first, and then your heart."

"Go away. I'm sleepy. I want to sleep." She clenched her small fist and beat him on the shoulder. Her delicate strength seemed to resist but actually accept him.

"Honey, I know you haven't had enough good time in the car, so I want to make it up to you now." With a snicker, he lowered his head and kissed her on the lips...

The next day, when she woke up, it was already noon. Suddenly, she remembered that she had made an appointment with Alice and her brother to enjoy the lotus flowers there. In a hurry, she jumped out of bed.

"Are you hungry? I will ask the servant to bring lunch here. " A low voice came through from the side. Zac thought that she was hungry.

"No. I'm going to look for Alice and Holy." She then entered the bathroom, took a quick shower and changed into a set of casual clothes.

"You said yesterday that you have some private thing to do, and that's it?" Zac said as he raised his thick eyebrows. An indescribable deep look could be seen on his face.

"Yes. Alice and Holy invited me to the Southern lake to watch the lotus blossom." Essie nodded.

A sharp light flashed in the eyes of Zac. As soon as the bidding meeting developed in the CBD came to an end, some people were invited to meet this little fool right way. It seemed that somebody had other plans.

"Isn't she always busy? Why does she have time to invite you to watch the lotus blossom today?" he pretended to ask in a careless tone.

"No matter how busy she is, she still have to spare some time to accompany Holy, just for a b

, I'm late," she said apologetically.

"It doesn't matter. We are just going to have lunch. Let's go together." Alice asked with a smile.

Essie nodded. She hadn't had breakfast and was already hungry.

Holy wanted to eat pizza, so they went to the Pizza Hut nearby. After eating, they rent a boat to float on the lake.

All over the lake were lotus leaves in the field. They were lush, just like a young girl's green dress.

Flowers were scattered on the leaves. Some were in full bloom. Some were like fairies who had just come out of the bath. And some, were in bud, like stars in the clear sky.

When Holy took a sip of the juice and turned his eyes from the lotus leaf to summer, a strange look flashed through his eyes. "Essie, what's wrong with your neck? Are you injured?"

Essie choked as she just remembered the red mark on her neck.

'Oh, my God! I was too busy to notice it and forgot to wearing concealer to cover it.

This icy guy is a devil! He always makes troubles for me!' thought she.

"Yesterday, I was bitten by a bug." She smiled in embarrassment.

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