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   Chapter 200 The Blind Date Event (Part Two)

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"All right. It's not a big deal. We'd better plan for the ball as soon as possible."

"Mommy, as the hostess of the Rong Family, shouldn't you teach these frivolous people a lesson?" Zac snorted.

"I have my own discretion," Mary replied perfunctorily.

Zac knew that her mother meant to cover up someone. A trace of cruelty flitted across his face. "Mommy, my patience is limit. You'd better warn those thugs not to challenge my patience again and again. I will remember all the blame by myself, and then I'll make them pay it together."

Mary's mouth twitched. "I'll look into it. Perhaps someone must have played a trick." She had to remind Sage not to do such a childish thing again.

Tiffany called. She had booked a Sumptuous Banquet Hall at the Pleasure Sea View Hotel.

Zac didn't want to argue about it with Mary anymore. He went to set up the venue with Essie.

Essie's original plan was to create a fantastic effect, but it was too late. The second choice was to decorate it into the royal court style.

In the afternoon, Mr. Wang sent the re-printed invitation card to her, and then Essie asked the servant to send the invitation immediately.

After she got the invitation, Ivy's classmate called her and asked about the condition of the ball. When she learned that the invitation was to pick up a wife for the young master of the Rong Family, she was very excited. Then the message spread for ten to one hundred, and the whole celebrity circle was shocked.

The debutantes and ladies were so excited. Although Walt was not the royal highness of the Rong Family, he would also be the eldest grandson. If anyone could marry him, that would also be an extraordinary honor. The most important thing is to have the support

of admiration in their eyes.

Unfortunately, the amazing second son of the Rong Family had already had a beauty by his side, and the throne of the crown prince had long fallen to the Yi family.

The girls also noticed Valery who stood behind. But tonight was not a good time for gossiping, so they had to behave very decently in order to compete for the position of being the eldest daughter-in-law of the Rong Family.

"Cousin, the rich ladies of the entire Dragon City have come today. Gentle, lovely, lively... Is one of them your favorite?"

Covering her mouth, Ivy chuckled.

A fake smile crept up on his face. Walt only liked this one girl who now stood beside Zac.

The host of the ball was the host of Dragon City satellite TV.

According to the revised process handed over by Mary, and after reading the opening remarks of the ball, she slowly said, "The second young mistress of the Rong family is very talented. Before the opening of the ball, we invite her to play a song by piano for us."

A cold light flashed in Zac's eyes. It was not until this moment that he realized why his mother had asked whether Essie played the piano or not.

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