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   Chapter 197 The Trick Of Mother-in-law

Mystery of Love By Orange Characters: 10482

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At that moment, Walt was in the studio of Essie.

He wanted to ask Essie to make an evening dress for him for the party. Of course, he did that in order to get close to her.

As the door of the studio was not locked, Mary pushed the door slightly open and peeked inside.

Essie was measuring Walt's size.

His figure was quite perfect. The perfect clothes frame and the solid muscles were partly hidden and partly visible through the thin shirt.

"I guess the gene of your family has been transformed. Each one of you is in great shape, and we ordinary people just can admire it." She grinned.

"If ordinary people can be as beautiful as you, then that's a savior for men." Said Walt with a smile.

"I thought that you rich young men are all arrogant and unfaithful, so I didn't expect you to be interested in me." She playfully blinked her eyes.

"There are many beautiful women, but few of them are attractive. Many of them will be stunning at the first sight, but they will get aesthetic fatigue over time." Said Walt, whose eyes drifted across her face. Only she could make him never be tired of looking at.

"Is it called that off with the old love and on the new one?" Essie smiled. That was a common character of men.

"Oh, no, I am misunderstood." Said Walt with a look of grievance on his face. "I'm not such a person." He was a playboy before, and he treated women like clothes when he was young. But since he met her, his heart was quickly captured by her, and there was no room for anyone else.

"I was just joking. Don't take it seriously." Essie waved her hand and said nothing. It was none of her business even if Walt was always indulged in the new thoughts. His girlfriend should care about that.

After measuring, she drew several sketches and then explained the whole process to Walt to let him choose the most delightful one.

"You're indeed a talented designer. The drawing is ready in such a short time." Said Walt.

"A customer with perfect face and perfect figure like you is the source of my inspiration. What color and style are you going to wear? You don't need to think about whether to cover them or not." She smiled and thought that it was very difficult to design clothes for her customer who had an obvious figure problem. She once designed a dress for a girl on a blind date 99 times, who was 155 cm tall and 70 kilograms weight, all day long. Then she succeeded in her blind date and bid farewell to her single days. She felt that this time she was lucky to wear Essie's clothes and was promoted to be a loyal customer. She also introduced her ill roommates to her.

"Do you still remember you asked me to be your exclusive male model in Maldives? Are you still going to keep your promise?" Said Walt in a joking tone.

"You are the master of a magnificent family. I can't afford to pay the bill!" Essie made a face and stuck out her tongue at him. She was now cooperating with several companies, and they were launching the men's products. Her clothes were very popular. The clothing parts that are made by factory are processed. And for the personal tailored part, she will per

Zac was expressionless. He didn't even look at her before he closed the elevator. In this world, only one person could make an exception.

Disappointment was written all over her face. She ran here on purpose to attract his attention, but he completely ignored her.

However, she was deeply attracted by his handsome appearance and strong momentum.

She had been looking for an opportunity to walk into the CEO's office the whole morning.

The marketing department just sent some documents here. When she saw that director general went to the bathroom, she stopped him, "leave them to me first. I'll hand them over to director."

After the staff of the market department left, she secretly picked up the documents and entered the elevator while others were not paying attention to her.

In the office, Zac came back after the meeting. Hearing the knock on the door, he said in a deep voice, "come in."

She opened the door and walked in. Glancing around, she looked at Zac and said, "Boss, the market department sent this to you."

Taking a slight glance at her, Zac said, "are you new here?"

"My name is cherry. I am a new intern in the CEO's office," She introduced herself. She was glad that Zac finally noticed her.

Zac nodded, "you can leave now."

She blinked her thick eyelashes and didn't move. "Boss, I'm sorry for what happened this morning. I was afraid of being late because of my first day of internship, so I wanted to borrow your elevator. Won't you get angry and deduct my salary?" She said in a sweet and innocent tone on purpose. Someone told her that he liked simple and cute girls.

At this time, Amy, the director of the CEO Office, hurried in and said, "I'm sorry, boss. She's a new intern and doesn't know the rules. I must take her back to teach her manners."

"Amy, I saw that the file was covered with 'Urgency' and I brought it because I'm afraid that boss would use it in a hurry." Cherry explained herself. She was extremely looking forward to being helped by Zac, which indicated that she had successfully attracted his attention.

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