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   Chapter 196 Speak Ill Of Her

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Valery came back after staying in the hospital for two days. She wanted to continue the battle with Essie.

Essie, on the other hand, was trying her best to ignore Valery's existence. Out of sight, out of mind.

In the evening, Zac accompanied his father to play chess in the study room. Then, Essie went to the garden alone. Last time it was raining, she didn't see the Epiphyllum booming. She had to go to try her luck this time.

She had decided to push out the Epiphyllum series, the advertising text was: seize the most beautiful moment.

In the garden, Walt was wandering aimlessly like a ghost. When he saw Essie, he quickly walked over.

"Why did you come here alone? Didn't Zac accompany you?"

"He's playing chess with Daddy." Essie said with a smile.

"Would you like to take a walk with me?"

"I want to wait for the Epiphyllum booming." Essie's long curly eyelashes fluttered like butterfly wings.

"Epiphyllum?" Walt was slightly shocked. "Is there a Epiphyllum in the garden? When did it happen? "

"When you were in America." Essie smiled and said, "last time I came here, it was raining. The weather is so good today, so I think God will bless us."

"It's just a flash in the pan. I've never seen it before. Then I'll wait for it and see what it looks like." Said Walt with a smile. He was not interested in flowers, but the person who come to see flowers.

They came to the southwest corner of the garden. Several flower branches were falling under the green leaves of the Epiphyllum.

Looking forward to the result, she looked at the Epiphyllum with her big beautiful eyes twinkling in the moonlight.

"So this is the Epiphyllum." Said Walt, rubbing his chin with a thoughtful look.

"The Epiphyllum only appears for weaver. It's said that it blossoms for love." Essie said with a smile.

"Perish for love too." Walt listened to her words with a trace of sadness in his eyes.

"A beautiful thing will be unforgettable forever even if you only have it for a short moment. Just like love, not all lovers can be together, maybe they were forced to be separated for various reasons, but the days being together would become the best memory and be remembered forever." Said Essie, looking at the flower bud which was about to bloom.

Hearing her words, Walt had all sorts of feelings. The days spent in Maldives with her were just like the Epiphyllum, short and beautiful. The seed of love was quietly buried in his heart, quickly took root and sprouted, growing healthily. Unfortunately, the feelings were only unilaterally. Before he planted seeds into her heart, his younger brother had got ahead of her.

"Luckily, you and Zac get married. There will be no regrets between you two." He managed to squeeze out a smile from his stiff mouth.

She smiled lightly, and her smile was as vague and bleak as the night in autumn.

Freezing guy hoped that the woman who eventually got married was not her. She was only the second chance to him.

And she would probably never love anyone else, except for Hanson.

As she lost in her thought, the flower bone flower in front of her began to slowly bloom.

She hurriedly took out her phone and recorded this wonderful moment. After a while,

id not know why, but after being reprimanded by grace yesterday, she understood.

She was so furious that she thought of Lucy at that time subconsciously.

She was the mastermind of the incident between Elizabeth and Baron at that time, in order to revenge Luce for her dubious relationship with her husband. She had always hidden this secret in her heart, and Albert didn't even know it. He just thought that she was meddling in the affairs of the Xu family. To this end, he took Minny into his home to punish her and made her suffer.

Now, he scolded her for the sake of Essie, and asked her to apologize in person, which made her, as the hostess of the Qi family, feel so disheartened.

She didn't understand why he protected her like this, but thinking of Luce, she was completely awake.

Because she took after Luce!

He must have known it, so he was partial to her in every aspect.

He recalled that he had an affair with Luce. Now his son had helped him realize his dream.

At this moment, she trusted what Helin said without any doubt. She even hoped in her heart that Clarissa was such a dirty bitch, so that she had a sufficient reason to drive her away.

Since Valery was satisfied with Mary's reaction, she decided to get to the point now.

"Have you noticed that since Walt came back, Essie has kept a good relationship with him. Last night, when Zac and Daddy were playing chess, she secretly invited Walt to the garden to see the Epiphyllum... " She stopped it on purpose. Mary's face had turned ghastly pale. No wonder Walt helped her yesterday. It turned out that Essie had been seducing Walt in secret for a long time.

An imperceptible wicked smile appeared at the corners of Valery's mouth, and she said, "I know women like Essie like to be surrounded by men, and I hope that all men will fall at the feet of her and throw themselves at her feet."

Mary snorted.

She was truly a copy of Luce, who looked innocent and harmless on the surface but was skittish in the bones.

After Mary went back to the house, she immediately went to find Walt. She wanted to know whether he was really bewitched by Essie or not.

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