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   Chapter 195 A Trump Up Charge (Part Two)

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Albert nodded slightly. He was very satisfied with her performance. She was sensible and reasonable. "It's rare to have a daughter-in-law so well behaved. You should treat her well in the future. Don't be angry with your family for an irrelevant outsider." He had made it clear that he didn't want Valery to be a family member of the Rong Family.

Mary didn't say anything. She was sulking. She knew very well that Albert had a grudge against her because of the fact that Elizabeth had kicked Luce out of his life. But for her sake, he did not show it.

Perhaps that was why he didn't like Valery, so he would support Essie.

Seeing that she was in silence, Albert just ignored her and let her reflect on herself. Then he left with Walt and Essie.

"Brother, daddy, please don't tell Zac what happened today. I don't want to affect their relationship because of me," On her way back to the mansion, Essie said so. In fact, she knew that they wouldn't tell this to Zac, but she had to show her tolerance and magnanimity, so that they would know that she had nothing to do if the relationship between Zac and Mary went wrong. Because she had never done anything to sow dissension between them.

Albert nodded with appreciation in his eyes.

As the future hostess of the Rong family, she should be generous, tolerant and magnanimous. Mary was narrow-minded and vindictive. If it wasn't for keeping the secret of the family, he would not have tolerated her like this.

When she went back to her room, Essie put ice on her face in case that Zac came b

what do you want? Do you prefer me to be gentle or domineering? " He smiled evilly and began to fondle her body.

"What are you doing? I'm working," She said sweetly and patted him on the hand.

"Entertain first then working." His low voice was with a kind of bewitching power, as if he wanted to hypnotize her and allow him to plunder her.

"No! Get out! Don't bother me!" She turned around and pushed him gently. Her strength was so weak that it seemed she just wanted to pretend to resist.

With a bad smile at the corners of his mouth, with a wave of his hand, he cleaned up the table...

Walt walked out of the hallway to Essie's room. Standing at the door, he wanted to have a look at Essie. He heard the sound of love making from the room indistinctly.

He couldn't help clenching his teeth, and the veins on his forehead rolled. His eyes were burning with jealousy.

She was supposed to be his woman, lying in his arms, but was taken away by his brother.

The resentment in his heart had already been aggravated.

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