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   Chapter 194 A Trumped-up Charge (Part One)

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Essie was working on her design in the garden pavilion. She was expecting Mary to come, so she schooled her expression into one as placid as a pool without any ripples.

"I know that Zac wants to help you, but everything is clear to me. I didn't expect you to be so unscrupulous that you would plan such a thing to harm Valery's child!" The older woman had a cold frown on her face, and her usually gentle mask was completely shattered. In her eyes, she was able to find a diplomatic way to settle the matter, thus making Essie feel like she was easy to deal with... it was Essie who took advantage of her kindness and bullied her beloved daughter-in-law and her adored grandson. 'Today, I am going to show that little bitch what the lady of the house is really like.'

With a face still devoid of expression, Essie replied, "You are already determined to burn me at the stake anyway, no matter what I say. Say whatever you want, I don't care..." Her voice trailed off as a smack resounded when Mary's hand made contact with her face. The slap was so hard that a red hand print instantly appeared on her cheek.

"Let this be a small warning to you. In this family, you can't just do whatever trouble you want. If you touch one hair on the heads of Valery and her baby, I will kill you."

She was still talking when a voice resounded from somewhere close, "Mommy, what are you doing?"

It was Walt who spoke up. Albert was standing beside him. They were strolling about the grounds, talking about business, when they happened upon the confrontation between the two women.

There was a gloomy expression on Albert's usually pleasant face.

As Essie's mother-in-law and the matriarch of the Rong family, Mary was supposed to teach her vicious daughter-in-law a lesson. She did not see anything wrong with what she was doing, so she remained calm.

Essie knew how pathetic she appeared, with tears streaming from her eyes and so very weak that she was almost weavin

had once taught her an unforgettable lesson many years ago over his first love, Luce. This time, he was doing it again for their daughter-in-law.

Beside her, Walt stayed quiet, completely not speaking to her. He had always been the sweetest and most obedient son—the opposite of Zac, who always went his own way. Today, Walt was different. Did he also think that she was wrong?

She glared at Essie anew, 'This woman is a femme fatale! She has seduced all the men in this family that they all have gone mad! Now, they can't even tell right from wrong!'

She would never be swayed by that woman... and she would rather die than apologize to her.

She was her mother-in-law and the family matriarch, and she was entitled to a certain dignity that befitted her station. Even if the bitch got slapped wrongly, it was because she was asking for it.

Albert saw her hesitate, and a small glint of anger flashed in his eyes. "Well, then... if you don't intend to apologize, then I will do it for you..." Essie interjected in a low voice, "Daddy, it is okay. I'm fine. Mommy was only angry at me because of a misunderstanding. If doing so would help her calm down, then it's okay for her to slap me a few more times. I'm a junior member of the family... I should be filial toward the elders and share their burden."

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