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   Chapter 193 No One Can Rest In Peace (Part Two)

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Elizabeth's face turned livid with rage. She had planned to take the opportunity to poke at Essie and say something more cruel. But it was out of her expectation that Zac stood out to point out the wrong and transferred it to Sage. That was out of her expectation left her no choice.

Seeing this, Mary stood out and said, "Well, I think it was an unintentional mistake. We should not call the police."

Hearing her words, Elizabeth quickly found a way out. She waved her hand and said, "Forget it. Forget it. Since Valery and her child are fine, I will not investigate it." As she spoke, she let Sage in to take care of Valery who was still in a coma. Like a panic mouse, Sage hurried into the VVIP ward, fearing that Zac would arrest her.

"Zac, you stay here with Valery. We'll go back first," Mary said. At this time, what daughter-in-law needs most is her son. In addition, if her so is not here, it will be also convenient for her to teach this foxy Essie a lesson.

How could Zac not know what was on her mind? "I'll come to see Valery tomorrow. My wife was wronged today. I have to comfort her." Then he put his arm around the shoulders of Essie.

Mary and Elizabeth blushed with anger at the same time.

"Zac, I think you should make it clear here. Valery almost had a miscarriage and was staying in the ward. While Essie looked good. Why does she need you?" Elizabeth said harshly.

"Aunt Elizabeth, you're wrong. It hurts more mentally than physically. If anyone dares to wrong and hurt my wife again, I won't spare you!" Zac said in a cold voice. It sounded like a warning.


him, but he could not let her go, because his soul had been integrated with hers and could never be separated with her again.

"Will you blame me if Valery miscarries?" She suddenly spoke out. The crisis wouldn't have happened if she hadn't wanted to eat spicy crabs.

"Little fool, it has nothing to do with you. If she really miscarried, it only means that she is not blessed to have this baby." His low voice was dripping with soothing words.

She slightly let out a sigh, straightened up and broke away from his arms. "I'm tired. I will take a shower and go to sleep." After that, she stood up and went to the bathroom. She was tired every day in the Rong Mansion. Why did women have to pregnant with nine month to give birth to a baby? She hoped that Valery's baby would be born right now, so that she could get rid of the unhappy ocean.

Looking at her indifferent back, Zac sighed, and his heart was filled with helplessness and depression.

The next day, as soon as he left, Daisy went to find Miranda and hurt her grandson. How could she let go of her?

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