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   Chapter 190 A Miscarriage (Part One)

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After the movie 'Gourmet Paradise' was over, Essie started to browse at the programs at 8 pm. Today is the first day of the new play 'the Diamond Family' starred by Jim.

"It seems that Jim has acted in this movie in his true nature," She giggled.

"I like his comedy more," Zac said with a mysterious smile. Jim liked to break through and seldom accepted any drama of the same style in one year.

"In fact, he is not suitable to act in a romantic drama," Essie touched her chin and said in a feigned serious tone.

"Why not?" Zac said, raising his eyebrows.

"A substitute for a kiss scene? Even the bed scenes are not real, so what is the point of watching them?" She squinted her eyes, looking like a wanton girl.

Zac was speechless. It was uncertain if Jim would spurt blood if he heard that?

"Honey, you need to understand that he is a germaphobe."

"Humph!" There was a disdain look on Essie's face. How could he possibly be a germaphobe since he had slept with so many women? Didn't he afraid of being infected?

"I'm a germaphobe, too. If you have sex with other women outside, don't come back and touch me. Otherwise, I'll vomit all over your body."

A weird expression flashed on Zac's his face. This little fool always don't trust him. This was a very serious problem and he had to find a solution to it, or he will be in danger to be wronged by her at any time.

"Honey, you can see from TV that all men come back home in the middle of the night when they have an affair. I go back home early every night to accompany you,"

"Who says that it has to be done at night?" She pursed her lips. Looking at the grey wolf beside her, she recalled these things had happened a lot in the daytime. Wh

he replied straightforwardly, "My parents are not local residents. They came to work in the Dragon City. How could I have any relatives here?"

Zac shrugged. With a playful smile at the corners of his mouth, he said, "I know. I reckon that you might be my wife in my previous life. That's why we are familiar with each other when we meet again."

She pouted and said, "Not to me. You are so strange to me. I don't feel familiar with you at all."

"Of course you are not. Because muds filled you brain. You certainly could not remember anything." Zac pinched her chin. He knew that she was pretending to be stupid on some things, but on some things she was really stupid and her brain cells were completely blank.

Essie made a face at him and said, "Fortune favors fools." Only a fool who was open-minded, and not calculating on everything which could live the happiest and simplest life.

"Yes." Zac sighed slightly. "Then, being your husband will be a headache." Being misunderstood or wronged, his sincere love to her was completely ignored.

It was just a joke, but it irritated Essie.

He said he had a headache because of her again!

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