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   Chapter 189 Got Into Trouble Through Clever Means

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When Nancy came out, she pretended to be surprised. "Essie, I just saw Hanson. Did you meet him?"

Essie nodded and said, "Yes, I also say hello to him." It seemed like she didn't want to talk much about it.

There was an imperceptible darkness flashed in Nancy's eyes. "You have Zac, and you can totally let go of Hanson."

"We are just friends now." Essie shrugged and dragged her to go shopping to end this topic. There was a deep resentment in Nancy's heart. She would not let her have a good time. She would take revenge for robbing her love.

When she arrived at the Rong Mansion, she found that Ivy and Valery had already come back.

Seeing Essie in the living room, the face of Ivy darkened immediately. She stood up and went upstairs, completely ignoring her. A hint of sinister and insidious smile crept into the corners of Valery's mouth. It seemed that her goal was achieved. She had successfully made Essie became the rival in love for Ivy. As long as she pushed harder, Ivy would cooperate with her to deal with Essie now.

Then Essie followed upstairs and went to the bedroom of Ivy. The door was not closed. She knocked, "Can I come in, Ivy?"

"No. I don't want to be in a relationship with hypocritical people," Ivy said without scruple. Essie had been blacklisted.

Essie walked in directly and closed the door in case someone might hear them.

"Do you want to hear the story between me and Hanson?" she asked in a low voice.

There was no answer. Instead, Ivy pouted in displeasure. With a slight sigh, Essie continued, "Hanson was my first love. I fell in love with him when I first saw him in college. At that time, I was just like you, full of admiration for him. I thought I had the whole world as long as I had him. I have done a lot of crazy things in order to win his love. I still feel unbelievable when I recall the past that I did actually do all those things. The most pathetic thing is that I have never known his heart. I don't know if he loves me as much as I love him. One day, I finally summoned up the courage to express my feelings for him, but I didn't expect that he would marry Sunny soon. At that time, I was very sad and felt that my world was totally destroyed. At that time, I met Zac. We were like enemies to each other. We always quarreled with each other. Thanks to him, I decided to forget Hanson completely and start all over again."

There was a doubt in Ivy's eyes, which was different from what she heard in the Mint Coffee House. "Didn't you dump Hanson?"

"We haven't started yet ended." A sad smile appeared at the corners of her mouth. "When I knew that in fact, Hanson also loved me very much, I had already married Zac. He and I are not meant to be together. I would rather he treats me as a woman admiring vanity so that he could forget me and accept a new love. " She said lightly. It was unnecessary for Ivy to know the entanglement among them later on.

"Did you say that on purpose today?" Hearing what he said, Ivy widened her eyes in surprise. Essie nodded slightly and said, "Since it has no result, let's just forget it completely."

"Don't you love Hanson

seen with her own eyes what happened between Essie and Hanson today, and had no idea of their story, she would have hated Essie to the core.

But now, she was relaxed.

"Valery, don't overthink it. Sister-in-law has already been married, and according to the intimate relationship between her and my cousin, she will have a baby soon. It is impossible for her to be with Hanson." She said with a cunning smile, "I'll make sure to ask my cousin to keep my sister-in-law by his side forever so that Hanson would not see any hope in it. Then of course he will give up on her, and love me."

Hearing this, Valery almost fainted. Did Ivy get a blow in her head? How could she come up with such a ridiculous idea!

They were not likely to form an alliance because they were thinking in the different channel.

She ate a few red grapes angrily and stopped talking.

At this time, Essie was watching 'Gourmet Paradise' in her bedroom. Today, it broadcast the cooking of Sautéed Crab in Hot Spicy Sauce.

She stared at the screen with desire and kept licking her lips.

Holding the greedy cat in his arms, Zac said, "Honey, I can tell that you want to eat spicy crab now."

Essie nodded her head heavily and said, "How about I go shopping and buy some to cook by ourselves tomorrow?

Holding the back of his head with both hands, Zac leaned against the sofa and said, "You don't need to buy it. There are crabs in the pond behind. You can ask the kitchen to cook them tomorrow."

Essie happily put her arm on his shoulder and said, "It's a nice house, and it's self-sufficient and free to eat anything you want. It's pure and clean."

The corners of his mouth were raised slightly. Holding her chin between his fingers, Zac said, "my dear wife, this is also your home."

Shrugging, Essie said nothing. It was still too early for her to say so. Now there was a vicious mistress and a proud mother-in-law who had been busy trying to get her out of here at any time.

The most important thing was that her husband didn't love her, and she didn't feel belonging to this home at all.

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