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   Chapter 187 United In Order To Fight For Love (Part One)

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"Those are bygones. No need to talk about it again," she replied lightly.

"Yes, it has been four years." Walt smiled bitterly. Now she had totally forgotten him, while he always thought of her and looked for her desperately.

After a moment's silence, he said, "Do you bother by the things between Zac and Valery?"

"I don't mind what happened before I knew Zac." Then she shrugged, pretending to be nonchalant. In the Rong family, there were Valery and Mary who bore malicious thought every single seconds. They always wanted to kick her out of the Rong Family, so she must be very careful with every word she said and every action she moved.

Walt said as his eyes darkened, "It is good that you don't mind. Then your relationship won't be influenced."

"Don't worry. My relationship with Zac is more firm and strong than that of great granite." Essie burst into laughter to prove that she thought the same as what she said. Although, she herself thought the smile was a bit too exaggerated. Acting for just a few months would be okay for her, but if she had to act the whole life, she would definitely be crazy. At times, Essie really admired Zac. He was really good at acting. The way he acted as a perfect husband who never changed in any way really impressed her. Even though he felt she was a headache for him, he was able to endure it. Sometimes she even thought that even Jim did not had the prominent acting skill as Zac did.

Walt didn't want to hear such words. The better their relationship was, the more strike it would be on him. However, he did not show any difference, and he remained a gentle expression on his face. "We'll be a family in the f

y guests here. Why is there not a single person today?"

"I don't think it's a good idea to have so many people around. You know, we're both a public figure now. And if we're recognized, they would come to have photos with us and asked for our signature. It's so annoying," Nancy said that on purpose to reassure her.

Essie nodded. Then they sat down in the corner.

Nancy ordered a cup of Blue Mountain coffee. Then Essie ordered a cup of cappuccino.

After having a sip of coffee, Nancy said casually, "A rich man is chasing after me recently and is very loyal to me. Do you think I will agree or accept it?" She made up this excuse in order to completely dispel Essie's concerns. This made Essie believe that she would no longer have any yearning for Zac. In the future, even if she sold Essie to someone, she would never think that she was the backstabber and would still count money for her.

"From what you said, it's obvious you have the answer," Essie said with a smile on her face. She was very happy that Nancy was able to put down Zac and the past behind her and accept a new relationship.

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