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   Chapter 186 Brothers Fought Against Each Other (Part Two)

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It seemed that Essie had nothing else to do, so she simply admired the two handsome men in front of her.

It had to be said that they didn't look like twins at all.

Zac's striking handsome face was a perfect combination of his parents' essence and advantages, coupled with his unique aura and charm. But it seemed that Walt's appearance was inherited only from the Rong Family which was not inherited any of Mary's gene.

It was said that the nine sons of a mother would turn out to be really different.

It sounded reasonable.

While Essie was lost in her thought, Mary and Valery came in.

Walt was not surprised to see Valery. He had known that she moved in the family since he was in the United States.

It was really out of his expectation that Essie could tolerate her existence. Was it because she loved Zac too much?

When Albert and others arrived, they started to eat.

At first, Walt picked up a pigeon for Mary, and Zac picked up a pigeon for Essie. Then, in the end, Essie picked up a pigeon for Albert respectively.

Mary sighed deliberately, "Walt is so considerate who realize to take good care of his mother first. Zac, look at you, you forget your mother after you have a wife."

Casting a sidelong glance at her, Albert said, "According to your standard, this daughter-in-law is more obedient and filial to this old daddy than my two sons."

Hearing his words, Valery curled her lips. She thought, 'Filial?' 'I would say she is buttering him up, right?' Now that Albert was partial to her and supported her, she should try her best to please him.

Mary patted him on the shoulder and said, "Valery is also filial to you. She just can't move because of her pregnancy. Otherwise, she would have picked it up for

atched the 'Beauty on Overpass'. Receiving the permission and praise of Professor Jacob, you would definitely become a shining star in the design field."

Unlike the high-profile golf course she had played yesterday, she smiled faintly and looked very modest. "I'm just starting. I'm still far from enough."

Walt raised his eyebrows and said, "I still like the confident girl yesterday."

Essie, on the other hand, winked under the cover of her long and thick eyelashes. She was so arrogant yesterday only because the icy guy's first lover belittled her. That was why she had to show off to defeat her enemy. This was her real reaction. She was a quite humble person in the first place.

"'Play to win' are required in the sport field. Talent and stability are required in the design field, so I have a different attitude to them.'

"That makes sense." Walt touched his chin and smiled. The little sun was still as naughty and charming as before.

"I still remember what you told me in Maldives. You went there for a man you liked. Is the man you loved Zac?"

Upon hearing this, Essie hesitated for a second. At that time, she didn't know this icy guy.

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