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   Chapter 182 The Hatred Of Snatching Love

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"It turns out that the reason why you don't want to marry my sister is because of her." Vinton pouted, with a somewhat gloomy expression on his face. As soon as he came back, he heard his mommy was talking about something about Valery. His mommy was full of righteous indignation and exasperation, which made his ears hurt. So in these two days, he had to go out and play golf.

Of course, he also hoped that Valery could marry into a wealthy family, which was good for him to compete with Alice for the position of the successor of the family in the future. But since he was unwilling to marry, why did she keep purchasing him? It was too wasteful. As the daughter of his family, she didn't have to worry about getting married?

"If you were her, who would you choose?" Zac asked slowly. As a typical playboy, he was not sophisticated at all and his favorite was women, so he asked as he had wished.

Vinton was silent for a moment. If it were him, he would definitely choose the little honey in front of him. His sister was also a beauty, but she was not so good-looking, figure or temperament as the little honey.

But no matter what, she is his twin sister. He shouldn't be the outsider. "But my sister is pregnant after all." He murmured.

"If we are in a normal relationship, I will definitely marry her, but I hate those who plot against me most." There was a bit of coldness in Zac's tone.

Vinton fell into silence. It was well known that Zac was cold-blooded and decisive in Dragon City. Now that his sister was allowed to give birth to the child and agreed to bring him up, it was beyond doubt that the sun had risen in the West. As a man, he also hated to be cheated by a woman. Fortunately, such a woman was settled down by his mother. If she was willing to have an abortion with money, his mother would give her some money. If she was not willing to, her mother would force her to take medicine or take the operation. Once there was a young model died of massive haemorrhage on the operation. Her mother gave a large sum of money to her family members to help him deal with it.

"Since we meet by chance, how about playing together?" Suggested Jim.

"Okay." Vinton nodded and they walked across the hall.

Meanwhile, Essie and Eva were sitting on the bench nearby to watch the fight.

Taking a sip of the juice, Essie was gazing at the beautiful men on the lawn. As the well-known president of the handsome Association, she appreciated everything, including Vinton even though she didn't like him.

"Essie, tell me the story about pineapple and coconut." Eva smirked.

"We met during my trip to Maldives. He is just a friend. I didn't expect him to be brother of iceberg." Essie said in a casual tone.

"He is late." Eva muttered meaningfully. She had seen a lot of men. From the excitement on Walt's face, she knew that he had feelings for her bestie. But now that she had become her younger sister-in-law, it could only be unintentional.

Essie didn't hear what she said clearly. She sighed slightly and said, "the world is big. It is small actually."

"The world is big

at you need to do is to shoot the club. If it flew away, I'll change another one as long as you won't hurt yourself."

Jim had seen many rich and handsome men, but none of them showed off their love to their wife.

The two sides began to serve. In an elegant gesture and powerful force, the small white ball flew out of sight in an instant, like the wind whistling.

In Jim's eyes, Eva was just making things worse. Because she not only hit the ball until it was far away from the hole, but also threw it out. The crowd scattered quickly, and Zac pulled Essie into his arms to protect her.

Seeing this, Leila was so jealous that her heart was twisted. They were not just deceived.

With a loud bang, the iron rod fell heavily on the grass.

Eva stuck out her tongue awkwardly, "sorry, I didn't mean it."

Essie walked up to her, patted her on the shoulder and said, "it doesn't matter. This is a golf party, not a real game."

Leila sneered. It was true that birds of a feather flock together. It was very easy to make friends.

Jim went to rescue the ball and shot the ball to the exit.

Now, it was time for the last member of the team, Essie.

"We'd better stay away, in case of a frightening flying pole performance again." Leila might have reminded everyone to stimulate her. Christina and Vinton retreated several meters away.

"Iron rod has no eyes. If we fly out, the area within ten meters is dangerous. You'd better hide in the pavilion," said Jim with a sneer.

"Honey, don't worry. Hit it as you like." Standing beside her, Zac encouraged her.

"Don't worry, honey. I want to catch a bird for our team." Then she winked at him playfully. Hunting a bird was a golf phrase. They made five holes. If one could only strike four, then he would capture a bird.

Zac stroked her head. His wife was professional. She even knew that phrases.

Leila hummed and thought that she must google it online.

Catch a bird, don't fly the iron rod out, and hit the birds in the sky!

Essie turned around and glanced at her with a wicked smile.

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