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   Chapter 173 The Girls Are Going Crazy

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In fact, Zac and Essie were not present at Ivy's birthday party, but the gifts were sent on time.

As for Ivy, she was not too disappointed at all. She had been completely dominated by Hanson.

Hanson was not interested in her party at all. He had come to the party all because he wanted to see Essie. When he had been told that Essie had something to deal with and could not come, he had been extremely disappointed. He had intended to leave, but considering that he might be able to use Ivy in the future, he reluctantly stayed.

He was handsome, gentle and elegant. He was even more stunning than he was on TV. He was like the prince coming out of a comic book. Girls were so excited that they all came to him to say hello.

Not far away, there were two beautiful eyes staring at him.

The owner of this pair of eyes was incomparably beautiful. Her small oval face, delicate features and honey skin were full of sunshine. Looking at her, she was like a blossoming Du flower, beautiful and attractive.

Her name was Christina, Leila's little sister. Because of her sister, she had a close relationship with the Rong family, and also the senior schoolmate of Ivy, so she was on good terms with her.

After seeing Hanson's graceful demeanor on the TV, she fell in love with him immediately. Now that the real person appeared, how could she miss the opportunity to know him?

But she didn't join the girls, or he wouldn't have noticed her.

When Ivy came out of the make-up room and saw that her handsome boy was "being besieged" by these anthomaniac girls, she rushed over to help. "Today is my birthday and Hanson is mine. You can't harass him."

This was the declaration of her possession of him. The girls all left sulkily.

She handed a glass of champagne to Hanson, "my friends are all your fans. They will be a little excited to see you. Please don't mind."

"It doesn't matter." Hanson shrugged. She took a sip of champagne and asked, "does your cousin treat my junior well?"

"Okay. But he has never treated a girl as well as his wife." Ivy giggled, completely unaware of the malicious look on Hanson's face. He didn't believe a word of what she said in this text. He knew her character best. She was definitely not a person of vanity. It must be Zac who forced her.

"I thought she would come to your party." He answered in a careless tone.

"She has gone out for a romantic moment with my cousin. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. She wants to have a happy day alone. I think the party is too noisy." While speaking with a smile on her face, Hanson was so angry that he gritted his teeth tightly. The hatred was spreading like a torrent in his heart.

At this time, Christina walked over and looked at Hanson. She smiled gracefully and said, "you must be Hanson. I've seen the show of Beauty on Overpass. I'm glad to see you in person today."

"This is my senior sister, Christina," Ivy introduced.

"Hello." Hanson nodded to her with no expression on his face.

Christina didn't think too much about it. The first time they met, it was inevitable for people to be alienated. She smiled slightly and said, "they're singi

es you very much. She just puts all her heart on you. As her good friend, I won't see her sad. You can rest assured that I will find a way to help you. "

"Thank you, Miss Valery." Said Hanson in a low voice.

"Let's leave our contact information to each other so that we can contact each other conveniently." Then she took out her phone.

Hanson nodded and exchanged his phone number with her.

A sinister smile appeared on Valery's face. When she saw Ivy coming, she stood up and said, "I'm leaving now. I'll help you arrange a meeting for you and Essie." After saying that, she walked to the direction of Ivy. Now that she had achieved her goal, she would "help" them to make a good match in the future, so that they would get married.

"I'm a little tired, Ivy. I'd better go back first. Happy birthday to you."

"Okay. Be careful on the way." Ivy nodded her head and showed the grilled steak to Hanson.

"Hanson, let's have it. It's specially roasted for you."

"Thank you." Hanson smiled gently. Maybe it was because Valery wanted to help him to see Essie, he felt a little comforted.

Christina brought the baked chicken wings to him and said, "Hanson, have a try to mine. The chicken Ivy took to you is the cumin, and my is the ginger soup."

"Thank you, Miss Christina." Hanson said politely.

"Since we all know each other, you don't have to be so polite. Just call me Christina." Christina gave a soft smile. Her misty eyes twinkled with hope.

Seeing what she was doing, Ivy felt a little sad.

She invited Hanson to her party. How could Christina compete with her?

"Christina, your chicken is not as delicious as mine. I'm the best barbecue chef," She pouted.

Christina smiled and did not care about what she said. "Today is your birthday. Your baked food is certainly the most delicious. I dare not compete with you." She said in a joking tone.

Hearing what she said, Ivy didn't become unreasonable. She had to build a good image in front of Hanson.

"Christina, how's your sister recently? Is she affected by the marriage of my cousin? " She asked casually.

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