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   Chapter 166 We Won't Be Able To See Each Other Again (Part Two)

Mystery of Love By Orange Characters: 5557

Updated: 2020-02-17 00:02

"If you come for the matter of Hanson, you'd better give up your intention. His wedding will be held next week. Before the wedding, you can't see him again!" He lit a cigar and glared at her with a ferocious look.

"You have misunderstood, Mr. Xia." With a faint smile on her face, Essie said, "I'm here to help you save Bella."

"Just you?" Jobson sneered with a mocking smile on his face.

With a faint smile on her lips, Essie said, "Do you really think you can fight against the Emperor by marring the daughter of Yang Family? As far as I know, Mr. Yang is very crafty and cunning. If the Yang Group's stock suddenly plummeted, and he has done those shady business in private and was caught on the hand of others. Do you think he's still willing to get in this to help you? I'm afraid that he would even go against you in his favor."

Jobson twisted his lips and said, "Don't talk nonsense here. You're a female. What do you know about business?"

Again, Essie shrugged. She was really talking nonsense here. However, in a business world, everyone had his / her own calculation and no one could be innocent. Last year, there was something wrong with the buildings developed by the Yang Group. The news had just been disclosed, but it was quickly suppressed. After that, there was no follow-up report. It was obvious that the Yang group was behind the closed door.

From Jobson's expression, she knew that she had hit the nail on the head.

"Mr. Xia, I am really a trivial woman, and I don't know much about the business. My husband, the president of the Emperor, Zac. He knows it very well."

"What did you say?" Shocked, Jobson dropped his cigar


After Jobson signed the paperwork and she check to make sure there was no problem with the application, she gave it to Florey and said, "Give it to Hanson. From now on, Bella will be his."

Thinking of all the things she had done to Essie, she felt so guilty that she said, "Thank you." She said in a low voice.

"This is the last thing I can do for Hanson." Swallowing the bitterness in her throat, Essie took off the ring on her finger and said, "We will never meet again in the future. Please give this ring to him. I believe that there will be a girl who is lucky enough to wear it."

After a pause, she turned to Jobson. "You can cancel the wedding. The marriage with the Yang Family won't do anything good to Bella, and Sunny can never be a good wife to Hanson. As for what happened today, please don't let Hanson know it. It is me who likes vanity and has been used to a luxurious life. I don't want to live a hard life with a man who doesn't have anything. I am willing to come back to my husband. He can give up on me." Then she bit her lip and turned around to walk out of the room.

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