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   Chapter 155 They Turn Against Each Other (Part One)

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Essie was a little surprised to receive a call from Mandy.

She had already arrived at Dragon City and asked her to be her guide to go shopping with her.

On the other hand, Eva had just come here yesterday to prepare for the initial exam of the War Emperor. After she had made a phone call to Mandy, Essie hastened to call Eva and invite her out. The three of them had a good get-together.

Dragon city was a paradise where people could buy everything, ranging from cheap goods to the top luxury. It could satisfy all kinds of consumption level.

Essie went to the hotel to pick up Eva first, and then they went to the pedestrian street to look for Mandy.

Mandy was in a Starbucks. Her face was once gloomy. But when she saw the figures of Essie and Eva, she immediately smiled.

"Have you waited long, Mandy?" Essie asked with a smile.

"No, I just came back from the hotel." Mandy smiled. She didn't expect that Eva would be here, and she was a little surprised. "You have been staying with each other recently?"

"No, I just arrived yesterday to take part in the TV series's initial exam, in which the heroine was snatched." Eva covered her mouth and giggled, "Mandy, are you on holiday or on a location today?"

"I've taken a few days off, so I want to go shopping. By the way, I want to see Essie, and you're also here. It's really nice. The three of us haven't been together for a long time." Mandy smiled.

"Yes, I am always busy with extra actress. It's rare for me to be with you." Eva held them in her arms.

After they finished their coffee, they entered the market.

When Mandy saw the Hermes store, she went in. Eva was not interested in luxury. She even couldn't afford food and clothing. How could s

s stop talking about this. Let's continue to choose our handbags." Essie waved her hand and tried to divert the topic. If she continued to say, she was afraid that she might have to talk about Zac.

They didn't stop shopping until noon, and then they went to the steak shop to eat beefsteak.

Eva was the president of the Food Association. Her eyes lit up when she saw delicious food.

She ordered two set menus and she wouldn't stop until she was full.

Mandy was speechless. "Aren't you afraid of getting fat, Eva?"

She smiled and waved her hand, "I'm group B blood, so it's better for my body to adjust itself, and I won't gain weight no matter how much I eat."

With a mocking smile on her face, Essie said, "she has always eaten double dishes since she was a little girl. But she is the thinest woman among us. People with type B blood are really good!"

"But I am too thin." Eva heaved a deep sigh and felt depressed when she recalled the way Jim looked at her breast. She crossed her arms in front of her chest and looked Essie up and down. Then she said, "Why do you have a perfect figure? You arranged your meat on the right place."

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