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   Chapter 154 Collude In Doing Evil

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"Okay, let's get to the point." Mary said in a serious tone, "I don't want this accident to happen again no matter you did it or not. Valery's baby is the eldest grandson of our family. If anyone dares to hurt him, I will not spare him. "

"Don't worry. I won't do it for her anymore," In a soft voice, Essie said these words neither overbearing nor servile.

There was a muscle on Mary's face that twitched a little. Last night, she asked Essie to take care of Valery, but today Essie said such words to block her. She dared not challenge the authority of her mother-in-law if it was not for that Zac was protecting her.

"Valery is pregnant. You are responsible for taking care of her. To be the lady of our family, you have to be tolerant and generous. If you are not mature now and can't do this, you'd better temporarily not interfere in the affairs of our family. "

Her voice was slow and low, but full of threats.

Essie understood that she was quite unhappy about the fact that Albert asked her to help Mary with holding the house.

She had no intention of taking part in the affairs of the family. She was thinking how to refuse Albert. What Mary said interested Essie, because she hated to do something that could please the opponent. She thought that her rejection just fitted in exactly with the wishes of her and Valery?

"Mommy, you've thought too much about it. That kid was born in a concubine's belly and can't inherit the family property of the family. He won't be a threat to me at all. He will only destroy the relationship between me and Zac if I hurt him. I'm not that stupid. As for the property of the family. Since Dad asked me to help you, I will do my best and live up to his expectations. " Her tone was casual, as if she was just talking about an insignificant game.

Mary's face turned gloomy. The word 'concubine' pierced her eardrums. "If you can't give birth to a son, then he's not a concubine's child."

"Mommy, with the advanced technology now, it's not difficult to have a son. Even if I don't want to have a son, there is always a way. I'm sure you'll be able to have a grandson." Essie smiled.

"Okay, I'll wait." Mary gritted her teeth and left.

Essie closed the door and a mocking smile was shown on her face.

The mother-in-law was just like Vicki. Mary was arrogant and domineering, while Vicki was insidious and cunning.

Luckily, freezing guy was born with indomitable spirit. He was pretty unruly and not as blind and obedient as Baron. Otherwise, she must leave him immediately.

When Zac came back, she had just taken a shower and was lying on the bed ready to sleep.

He came over and said, "honey, you smell good."

She raised her tired eyes and glanced at him, "is she feeling better?"

"Nothing serious. she'll be fine in a few days." He lay down beside her and added, "I really hope that her baby could be born as soon as possible." He heaved a sigh of relief. He would be free from this then.

But Essie didn't think so. She said, "It's all your fault to sleep with Valery."

Zac said nothing but with a helple


Pretending to be a couple was already a dangerous thing. It was inevitable to have feelings when they Got along with each other day and night and displayed affection in front of everyone.

It might be impossible for them to get divorced once they were unable to control their lust for a while and had sex with each other. Besides, Essie could get pregnant just like Valery!

No, she couldn't bear to see that happen.

"Are you coming to see me because you want me to help you deal with Essie?" She pretended to be calm and asked casually.

"It's also for you to help me." "I don't care about the title. Anyway, I have a child to protect. I will let you be the lady of the house and keep me in the house." Her eyes twinkled as she spoke. She was trying to play a trick on her by working with her. She doesn't care about her fighting for the position with her at all. She can't marry Zac just because of their families' issue.

Leila replied with a slight smile.

She had been against her for more than ten years. How could she not see through her little tricks?

She wouldn't be that stupid to get her hands dirty. Her victory wouldn't do her any good. The best result was to get both of them in the fight.

"Sorry to disappoint you. I won't do anything that makes him unhappy."

"It doesn't matter. By then, Zac and his heart would be occupied by Essie. Just wait and see."

She smiled, "take it easy. I haven't finished yet." She tantalized her on purpose.

"Can you stop playing tricks?" Valery was a little impatient.

"I can only do a little, but there is someone, who can do a lot of things, and who knows well about Essie. She must be useful to you." Said Leila.

"Who?" Valery's eyes lit up with pleasant surprise.

Leila deliberately paused for a while, took a sip of tea and slowly began to speak, "Essie has a good friend called Mandy. She also likes Zac. If she knows that her best friend stole her boyfriend..."

Her voice was so low that no one could hear it, and a weird smile had already appeared on Valery's face.

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