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   Chapter 151 A Flash In The Pan (Part Two)

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Albert, her father-in-law, was so kind, amiable, and he had a good eye for her. If she asked for a divorce someday, she would feel very sorry for him.

Zac admired his dad. No wonder Albert was the head of the family, he was so wise. Zac would do anything to praise his father!

While the servants were having dinner, Zac said in a careless tone, "Essie likes lively life and it's too cold to live alone with me, so we decide to move back."

"It's time to go home." Albert smiled subtly.

At the dinner table, the most upset one was actually Valery. The status of Essie was consolidated, which would be a great threat to her. The more power Essie had, the more threatened she would be.

In the evening, Zac accompanied his father to play chess in the study.

Essie was watching TV with Ivy. She heard that there were a few new Epiphyllum flowers in the garden and that they would bloom at 9:00 every night. She jumped up in a hurry and ran to the garden to wait for them in excitement.

She had never seen the flash in the pan in the legend. Recently, she was designing a new series, so it was possible to find inspiration.

When she came to the flower bed, she found that Valery was there. She also came to see the Epiphyllum, but she was not interested in it. She just heard that when the Epiphyllum was about to bloom, she made a wish for love, which would be good for her and she decided to come and have a try. Valery wanted to drive away Essie, and let Zac fall in love with her.

Upon seeing Essie, she cast a stern glance at her and ask

e, but it was the one that farthest away from the main house.

When she passed through the bamboo forest, she didn't notice the stone under her feet and was stumbled by it by accident.

She felt a sharp pain on her knees. She clenched her teeth, stood up and limped forward.

Seeing her embarrassed appearance, Ivy quickly stood up, "Essie, are you going to watch the Epiphyllum rain? Ah, your knees are bleeding. You fell? Why don't you hide yourself in the pavilion for a while and let the servant send an umbrella over? "

"I forgot to bring my cell phone with me. Since Valery is there, please arrange for someone to bring a blanket and an umbrella for her. Don't let her catch a cold," Essie said breathlessly.

She nodded and called a servant. Then the servant ran out with a blanket and an umbrella.

Essie returned to her room. As soon as she took off the wet clothes, Zac came in. Seeing her curvy figure, he put on an evil smile and said, "honey, you're so good. Have you taken off your clothes and waited for me?"

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