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   Chapter 150 A Flash In The Pan (Part One)

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Now, Sage was sent to serve Valery again. And Elizabeth believed that she was the most suitable person to serve her.

She had a lot of evil ideas and was bold. All of her family was depending on Valery's family, so she was not easy to be bought off by others.

She was kicked by Zac last time and stayed in the hospital for a week. In fact, she was afraid to go to the Zac's house again, but when she heard that Elizabeth wanted to give her a small house to live in future, she immediately agreed.

People died for money, and birds died for food!

She decided to help Valery kick the tramp out regardless of her life.

At this moment, Essie was having a walk with Zac in the garden. Mary asked them to stay for dinner. Zac was about to turn her down. He wanted to have dinner In his own villa, out of sight, out of mind. But to her surprise, Essie agreed without hesitation.

"Honey, let's have dinner at our own home, alone." Sitting on the stone bench, Zac suggested.

Essie randomly picked another gardenia and put it under her nose. She said, "freezing guy, I've made up my mind. We'll move back!"

Zac was surprised. "Why?"

"Here is your family's house, and I'm the real lady. But now I'm living outside, but a mistress is living here. Does it mean that my ground has been occupied by another woman indirectly?" she said slowly, placing a piece of petal on the marbles table.

Zac shook his head and laughed. What a strange little head! It was clear when it involved her own interest. He lovingly stroked her head and said, "if you move in, aren't you afraid that Valery will keep bothering you all day long?"

Essie winked and put her arm on Zac's shoulder, saying, "ice guy, will you take my side no matter what I do?"

"Of course." Zac nodde

ce Valery has moved in our house, she must be taken good care of. You should pay more attention to her. Though their wedding hasn't been held yet, Essie is the daughter-in-law of our family. She can take over the family with you and share your burdens. "

Marry shuddered.

What's the meaning of this? Mary didn't expect her daughter-in-law to share the power with her when she was just married.

Did Albert want Essie to be on an equal footing with her mother-in-law?

She felt awful. Although she had married Albert for more than twenty years, sometimes she could not figure out what he was thinking.

"My daughter-in-law hasn't seen our parents and held the wedding ceremony yet. She is not officially married yet. Let's talk about it after the wedding." She tried her best to keep her voice calm.

"Yesterday, I called them and told them that Zac is going to get married. Both of them are very happy. As for the wedding, it is nothing but a formality. She'll take over the family affairs sooner or later. She should learn it earlier and get familiar with it. " Then he asked uncle Li to come here and help Essie to get familiar with all the things in the mansion.

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