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   Chapter 149 Mother-in-law Welcome A Home Wrecker

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The afternoon sunshine shone into the room through the opened curtains and awoke Essie from her sleep.

She screamed. She felt dizzy and her bones seemed to have been torn and re installed. It was dangerous to separate at any time.

She opened her eyes in a daze and saw a handsome face.

"You awake." A man rested his head on one of his hands and looked at her with a playful expression. There was laziness and satisfaction in his eyes.

"When did you come back?" Essie was a little surprised. Didn't he plan to ignore her? Why did he come to her again?

"Honey, why do you always snap at the critical moment?"

The coolness from his fingers gave Essie a chill. She covered herself with the quilt quickly and took a look at herself.

Oh my God! She was...

"Zac, you... You... " She felt ashamed and annoyed at the same time. Suddenly, her face was covered with burning waves and she buried her head into the quilt like a snail. Then, she said, "Zac, you take advantage of me!"

"Honey, it was you who took the initiative last night." Said the man in a low and deep voice lazily.

"Nonsense, impossible." It was obvious that he seduced her when she was drunk.

With a vicious smile, Zac reached out his big hand to caress her head. "Honey, don't be drunk. You might have remembered it after careful consideration."

"I don't want to remember it. It's better to cut off the memory all my life." She turned her head angrily, only to find that her stomach growled, and she had no appetite at all.

The servant brought her lunch, including black chicken soup, braised beef in soy sauce, and white spareribs. All of them were her favorite food.

She was starving and gobbled her food like a beast.

"Honey, eat slowly. Don't choke." The man beside her courteously "served" her.

"Aren't you going to eat something?" She pouted. Why does he look so energetic and full of blood vitality on the ground after he gets down to work?

"I'll eat after you finish eating." He smiled, his eyes filled with love.

She didn't care about anything, and she didn't care how to eat. She never had a good image in front of him.

"Honey, do you miss me very much these days?" He said lightly when she finished her last meal. But she still choked. She quickly picked up the soup and took a sip.

"Don't think too much of yourself. The peacock is on the stage. You are harassing me and squeezing me. I can do whatever I want in bed and get out as I want. I have a very good sleep. "

"Really?" He frowned and asked, "then why did you get drunk last night?"

"I... I didn't mean it. I heard from you that the wine is the best in France. I just wanted to try. It was really nice, so I drank a little too much. I got drunk because of my carelessness. " She explained haltingly. She didn't miss him at all. There was not a single trace of love at all. She just became a little dependent on him. When he was not around, she felt a little uncomfortable.

"Then why did you say that I am yours and can't be with other people?" Zac touched his chin and looked a

c said later. Now, Valery, as a pregnant woman, was in the weak position, and she could fight back after the baby was born. Moreover, at that time, he didn't have a crush on Essie and instead he would focus on the baby, so that Valery could use the baby to get Zac's love.

She turned to her and said, "Essie, I hope you can get along well with her. Although you're Zac's wife, Valery is the mother of Zac's child. You're in the same position."

Thinking of that, she sneered in her heart.

There was a world of difference among people. Some mothers-in-law would do everything for their son and daughter-in-law in case the couple quarrel with each other. Some moms were afraid that their son and daughter-in-law would live a peaceful life, so they had to make troubles.

That was exactly what Mary was like. As a mother, she knew her son better than others. However, Mary didn't know her son at all and did things with her own will.

Maybe it didn't matter as Zac wasn't her husband. If she had a chance, she would ask aunt Minny back home and take care of her father-in-law. Could she stand aunt Minny to be in the same position as her?

Holding Essie's shoulders in his arms, Zac looked at Mary and said, "Mommy, you are the head of your family here, but in my home, Essie is the hostess. She knows what she should do. You don't need to worry about it."

Mary's face turned pale. Apparently, he thought Mary was an outsider. It was better for him to marry Valery, but now he married Essie. He had even abandoned the family and left it in a mess. Things were getting out of control if she wasn't involved in.

Seeing her helpless expression, Elizabeth couldn't help but frown.

If Zac was a man who could listen to his mother as Baron did, it would not take much effort for Valery to get married.

Now, she needed to think about how to deal with Essie. Back then, she had worked so hard and plotted it very hard to make her daughter pregnant. If she could get pregnant, she wouldn't let others take away the fat in her mouth.

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