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   Chapter 148 You Can Only Be Mine

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Although she had lived in the villa for several days, she had never been to other bedrooms. At this time, she pushed all the doors of the bedrooms one by one and looked carefully at the bed inside.

When she got out, she was so angry that she wanted to vomit blood.

All the beds here were exactly the same, only of different sizes.

She was fooled by the man.

She walked into the room in a huff. Right now, Zac had just taken a bath and was lying on the bed with his IPad.

She walked to him with arms akimbo and glared at him. "I want to change the bed. I want the biggest bed in the next room. If you don't change it, I will sleep in the next room."

His dark eyes flashed in the light.

His little secret was found so quickly!

He put down his IPad and smirked, "honey, I think this one is nice."

"Now it is Summer. It is too hot for us to sleep together!" She pouted and thought that they had gone too far to change the bed without telling her.

"Try to cool down the air conditioner." The man said with a shrug.

"Are you having a strange habit? You make all the beds the same. Aren't you afraid of going into the wrong room?" She gave him a strange look as if he were an alien.

Zac reached out his arm and pulled her into his arms. "The problem is I don't have a hostess here. You can re arrange the room according to your likes and dislikes."

Essie glanced at him and said, "first of all, change this bed."

The man put his handsome face close to her. The slightly warm breath gently blew on her face, as if it was indirectly, "change it if you want. Anyway, as soon as you fall asleep, you will naturally roll to my side. The big bed or small bed doesn't matter."

The woman was in embarrassment.

"No, I won't. I just want to stay away from you." Who knows? She must deny it.

Zac sighed, "why do you care so much? We spent a night as a couple. "

She slightly trembled.

She was not a virgin anymore. The first time was the most precious thing for women. The second time was no different from the last time. She wasn't pretending. In her heart, sex and love were inseparable. She wouldn't sleep with a man who didn't love her, unless she was drunk.

He changed his way to take advantages of her every day. He looked dissatisfied. It seemed that he hadn't gone to see Leila for a long time. Was he worried that she would give up during the mission and use this fact to lure her?

He didn't need to do that at all.

"You can have sex with other women." She murmured in a low voice.

Zac frowned and an expression of sadness flew into his eyes. "In your heart, am I just a tool that you can push others casually?"

"In your heart, who am I?" She asked back, with a wry smile on her face.

He fell into silence.

He still didn't know what position she held in his heart.

Or perhaps just an excessive emotional investment.

Perhaps it was just an interesting game of pursuing.

er women!"

He trembled violently and turned around. His gloomy and cold eyes seemed to be lit up by fire, and in an instant they lit up. "What did you say? Idiot! Say it again." He was afraid that he misheard her, so he bent down and held her face in his hands. His hands trembled because of the sudden ecstasy.

"Don't leave me." Her consciousness was under the influence of alcohol, and she instinctively wrapped her arms around his neck.

"Okay, I won't go." He held her tightly, like holding a treasure that he had lost and recovered. She was capable of doing that. A simple expression and a few words successfully made him lose his senses.

"You're making a scene, Essie," He held her hands, took a deep breath and forced himself to keep calm.

"You bastard! You don't want me. You just want your childhood sweetheart, right?" She seemed to be irritated. Her eyes were full of drunk and deep resentment. Since she could not move her little hand, she lowered her head and had a hard bite on his shoulder.

"I don't know what I am doing when I am sober." She was so drunk and mumbled to herself, "I should hate you. But I was upset when you weren't there or ignored me. Why?" She looked lost, like a child trapped in the maze, unable to find a way out.

"Maybe you have begun to care about me, but you don't know." Zac gazed at her affectionately, and his charming black eyes were filled with mist, which was almost full of tenderness.

"I don't care about you at all. I love Hanson. I just want to deal with the matter about Valery as soon as possible, and then I can divorce you and marry him." She shook her head and spoke incoherently.

Zac frowned and there was a flicker of anger in his eyes. His words were like a thunderbolt from the blue, destroying his good mood.

He pinched the tip of her chin, and his chest heaved violently because of the fury. "You can only be my woman for your whole life. Don't have any other fantasy."

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