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   Chapter 147 Her First Kiss

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Essie wiped the sweat off her forehead. It was all because of her carelessness that Zac had found an opportunity again.

"Well... How about I make you some braised tenderloin with radish? Do you like it? " She tried to sound normal.

He shook his head evilly.

"Whatever you want to eat, I'll cook for you. I can't do anything else for you." She pouted, he bowed, kissed her and said, "do you want to get rid of me with just a few dishes?"

"Don't be too greedy." She pushed away his arms and stood up. "There are so many women here. I'm not the one to be with you and you can find more women if you like. If you want to solve your physical problem, go to find them." Before she finished her words, she fell into his arms again. He frowned slightly and asked, "do you want me to find another woman?"

"I don't want to, but you will." Essie angrily said. A man as excellent as Zac was always surrounded by women who begged for his love. Essie didn't believe that he would be a man who could stay calm and still when being disturbed. He must be a playboy who had traveled through the ocean of flowers like Jim.

"You can apply me to your private domain." He rested his chin on her shoulder, gently stroking her face. She turned her head to the lake and gazed at the sparkling waves caused by the wind. With a bitter smile on her lips, she said, "I don't have that ability." In his heart, she was just a cannon fodder, and a substitute. How dare she expect too much from him?

"You have the right, only you!" His tone was firm and domineering, like an arrogant emperor who declared the imperial edict and awarded his empress the authority of the sixth palace. Unfortunately, she was a quiet person. She didn't like to fight with a home wrecker or a mistress. Moreover, she was not so kind to be a substitute. She didn't want to be the substitute of others to make others happy and wronged.

"I won't use it. It's all about your self-discipline." She picked up a stone and threw it into the lake. "Let's go. Take a look at Eva and Jim."

He heaved a deep sigh, feeling helpless and disappointed.

Her erratic moves kept torturing him.

As soon as they let go of each other's hands and stood up, they heard a scream from the other side of the lake.

Now, Eva had caught a bucket of crucian. There were only a few fish in Jim's bucket.

Obviously, she won.

She didn't know that Essie had changed the bait. She thought she was lucky and danced with excitement. She finally fell into the lake by accident.

Eva could have swim, but she didn't dare to get into the water anymore because she had almost drowned before.

At the moment, when she fell into the water, all her fear was aroused. She waved her limbs desperately, trying to rise.

Seeing this, Ivy and Daisy cried out.

Seeing that, Jim jumped into the lake, so did William.

When Essie and Zac arrived, Eva had been pulled back to the bank.

When she was still in a coma, Essie was frightened.

Jim gave her artificial respiration and mouth to mouth resuscitation. She passed out.

The others heaved a sigh of relief.

Then, Essie and Daisy helped he

in panic."

Eva stuck out her tongue at her and laughed. "Man, including your husband, right? Are you tortured by your husband every night? "

Essie threw a pillow at her and thought she had changed the topic far away.

Eva lay beside her, holding the back of her head with her hands, and said, "I still can't believe that you've married, you even married a life taking rich young man."

With these thoughts in her mind, Essie sighed. In fact, it was easy for them to get married. They could easily go to the Bureau of civil affairs to poke the marriage license. It was hard for them to get divorced.

There were a few besieged cities. If they accidentally broke in, they might never be able to get out, being trapped inside.

"Sometimes, I felt like I was in a dream." The corners of her mouth slightly raised. A faint smile was like the night scene outside the window which was illusory and confused.

Eva hugged her and comforted her. She knew that Essie still couldn't let go of Hanson. She was clear about her previous love and efforts. It was very easy to fall in love with someone, but it was difficult to forget someone. "Take it easy. Time will dilute everything."


Essie lowered her eyes and didn't say anything. After a long time, her eyes blinked as if she had thought of something, and she quickly said, "don't tell Mandy, or she will kill me."

"You can hide the truth from her for a while, but you can't hide it forever. She will know it sooner or later." Eva sighed.

It would not take her a lifetime. Five months would be enough. If she got divorced, it would have nothing to do with icehouse.

"Let's talk about it when it's too late to hide it from Mandy."

She said in a low voice and sat up from the bed. When she was about to go down, she accidentally saw the bed railing and trembled slightly.

Why this bed looked exactly like the one in an ice house's room?

She walked back and forth along the edge of the bed for a few circles, and her big, confused eyes turned. As if remembering something, she hurriedly walked out of the room.

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