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   Chapter 146 Bribe Me

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Essie placed a chicken leg stewed with honey for Holy on his plate and said, "enjoy it, and be careful not to be burned."

"Thank you." Holly nodded with a smile. He blew on the chicken leg and took a bite. "It's so delicious."

"Okay, I'll roast beef ribs for you." Essie touched his head lovingly.

With a playful smile, Eva came to Zac, "how did you get married?"

Zac cleared his throat and said slowly, "it's just happening."

Eva giggled and said, "love will come in time, won't it? You two make a perfect match. I knew that you would make a good couple. But I didn't expect it to happen so soon. "

The corners of his mouth lifted. "A quick fight is always my style."

Eva gave a thumbs up and said, "that's why Hanson lost to you."

When they were talking on the other side of the party, Ivy ran to Essie who was barbecuing for Holy and asked, "sister-in-law, why didn't you invite my Hanson here?"

She was shocked.

Zac cast a cold glance at Ivy.

"I really want to see Hanson here. When you hold a party next time, please invite him to the party, okay?" Ivy said with hope.

"Okay... Okay. " Essie nodded perfunctorily.

As if Eva had discovered a new discovery, her eyes were suddenly bright. She hurried to them, "little beauty, are you talking about Hanson?"

"Yes. Eva, are you a fan of Hanson either?" Ivy asked, blinking her eyes in excitement.

"No, I just know him very well." Eva smiled. "Are you his fan?"

"Hanson is the most handsome guy, and he is the most brilliant people in the world!" Ivy nodded crazily.

Eva purposely raised her voice and said, "it's Hanson. He is gentle and elegant. He is a handsome and sunny man. He is a perfect warm man. He's much better than the so called Playboy who is selfish and cool. People who take him as an idol must be blind."

With a glass of champagne in his hand, Jim casually sat on his lounge chair and took a sip of champagne. "There is something that people who run dragon suit can't understand," he said.

So what? She would never put on airs again!

A piece of beef ribs was stuffed into Shirley's mouth and stopped her from talking. "Taste it! It's very delicious," she said

Eva was so furious that she bit the flesh in her mouth as if she were biting Jim's flesh.

Essie sighed and thought to herself, 'poor girl friend, it's not easy for her to be the heroine. What a good chance she has! She meets such an enemy, Jim.' Thus, she must play the plan B to keep on..

After the barbecue, Essie smiled and suggested, "let's have a fish competition? Fight in pairs. Draw lots to decide the opponent. The loser will be punished by the winner."

"Okay!" Everyone agreed with her and followed her to the lake not far away.

She took out the box and let him pick the lot first.

When he saw the name on the paper, he frowned.

"It seems that you are destined to be with Peter!" Cassandra smiled. There was a secret light in her eyes.

She had fiddled with the box, and there was only one name in it. No matter which one Jonny pi


The woman was completely petrified.

Zac pulled all the fish up and put them into the bucket one by one. But her bucket was still a piece of clear water. She was anxious, and her little head was working urgently. Soon she came up with an idea.

"Excuse me, I need to go to the bathroom." She stood up and pretended to leave. After taking two steps, she suddenly stumbled and fell to the ground. She kicked his bucket into the lake with her foot. The fishes swam out happily and soon disappeared.

She got up and looked at the empty bucket rippling in the lake. Her thick eyelashes fluttered as cunningly as wings of a butterfly. "Sorry, I didn't mean it. You don't have the bucket now, how can you fish?"

You can't beat me.

Zac smiled. In his eyes, there was nothing but pampering and connivance. Her naughty and tricky look was so adorable in his eyes. He liked her quick witted and wilful evil nature.

He stretched out his arm, grabbed her wrist and pulled her into his arms. "It doesn't matter. I have a big fish. I won all the time."

She smiled playfully, grabbed his collar and said, "I have one too. We have tied it up."

He scraped her nose gently and said, "then both of us will be punished."

Did she mean that? She was the one who suffered!

"I'm going to see how things are going between Eva and King Jim." She took the opportunity to find an excuse to leave.

"You have replaced the bait. There's no need to see it." Stroking her earlobe with his lips, Zac whispered in her ears like breathing, which made her quiver a little. No wonder he was the king of Nine Tailed Fox. Nothing could be hidden from him.

"You are not allowed to tell Jim about it." She covered his mouth with her index finger.

She was frightened and took her finger out of his hand. But she was held back again.

She could not help giggling, "you even eat my hand. You are not a dog."

Drawing a slight smile on his perfect lips, he said, "you can keep it as a secret, but how are you going to bribe me?"

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