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   Chapter 145 Work Hard To Be The Heroine

Mystery of Love By Orange Characters: 10279

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"Who?" Hearing that, Essie was dazed for a second.

"Jim." Said Zac slowly.

"Is he another investor?" She paused again.

"The producer and the leading man." Zac replied carelessly.

Oh my god!

Essie yelled.

The last time, Eva fought with Jim because of her, and she was sure that Jim must still hold a grudge against Eva. At that time, even if Zac can persuade him to let Eva take the role of the heroine, he will probably give her a hard time at the scene. Eva was so quick tempered that they might fight with each other soon.

She cast a glance at the person beside her, cleared her throat and said, "don't you think I'm going to follow his hidden rules?" Before she finished her words, a bleak cold light was shooting towards her. It seemed he wanted to kill someone.

She shrank her neck in fright. Well, this joke was a bit too much.

"Last time at the scene, Eva was mistaken that Jim was interested in me. So she jumped out to protect me and fought with Jim. I was wondering if I should find an opportunity to help them adjust their conflict?"

Zac turned around with his head in one hand and pinched her chin in the other. "Whatever."

So this weekend, Essie held a barbecue party in Zac's mansion and invited Jim to come.

Eva didn't want to attend the party as she knew Jim would come here. Although he was a legend in the entertainment circle, she didn't care about it at all.

Essie held her shoulders and said, "Eva, in the entertainment circle, you are beautiful, talented and professional, and what you need is only a chance. This field don't rely on talented people, but on powerful people. Money, hidden rules, hype, etc. These are common things in the entertainment circle. Is there a chance for you now? You don't have to be a mistress. You don't need to worry about being molested by lecher. You can be the heroine as long as you show some friendliness to him. Why not? "

Eva pouted and said, "I just can't stand such a playboy as him. He is totally a womanizer and he treats women as his plaything."

"He is the superstar and is from a rich family. He was born at the top of the pyramid, and of course, he was extremely arrogant. As for romantic affairs, even if he didn't want to play, the women would try their best to offer themselves to him. They were willing to accept any challenge. Besides, you are a game lover. There are countless handsome guys who have been tortured by you. You two are equal in this regard. " Essie giggled.

After thinking for a while, Eva agreed with her. They got on the car.

It was her first time to sit in a Rolls-Royce. She looked around and exclaimed, "Wow! Essie, you are a real celebrity. The TV station has arranged such a handsome car for you."

"This is not the car of TV station, but Zac's." Eva was her best friend and she didn't want to hide the thing between her and Zac from her. And during this period, she had a lot of things to deal with, so she also wanted to talk to someone.

Eva's eyes widened. "Did your roommate make a profit from stock market speculation again?" Ho

gh gritted teeth.

Zac pulled the worried woman aside right away. It seemed that they didn't have any eyes or fists to protect her from accidental injury.

Frustrated, Essie pressed her forehead against his chest.

Oh my god. If they continued fighting, the heroine would be screwed.

Zac comforted her while caressing her head. "There isn't a female hero like Eva who dares to challenge him before. We'd better quietly watch the battle."

With a sad look on her face, Essie asked, "can she beat the heroine into the bowl?"

Zac drew a perfect smile and said, "there may be a miracle."

At this time, Eva had used all his unique skills. Seeing that she was obviously in the weak position, Holy helped her, "beautiful sister, Jim has a gap on the left, hurry to cut his leg..."

Ivy and her companions came to watch.

After being knocked down on the grass a few times, Eva stood up and continued to fight, tenacious and invincible.

Seeing that she was thrown again, Essie could not bear looking straight at her. She rushed over and said, "well, if you have to fight with each other, next time you'll be in the underworld, but it's time for barbecue and drinking."

He released her from his grip, turned around and was about to leave when Eva kicked him.

Unexpectedly, he turned round, bent over and caught her who was about to stand up.

"You are nothing. You are no match for me. Go back and practice hard!"

Unable to move, Eva could only glare at him with her beautiful eyes. "Let's wait and see. I will beat you."

"You are welcome to challenge me anytime." He let go of her, dusted off his clothes and walked to the backyard. His deep voice was full of arrogance, like a defeated cheetah.

Eva jumped up from the ground, unwilling to give up. She just gave in because she hadn't practiced for a long time. She began to practice wildly today when she got back. She must defeat this scum.

Reluctantly, Essie thought that she still had plan B and she must let the heroine be willing to jump into her bestie's bowl.

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