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   Chapter 141 Tempest

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The woman looked pale and coughed a little, trying to push him away. But she was not able to make it. "Yes, I do. But I can just dance for you. How about dancing?"

Zac waved his slender index finger and said, "I'm not interested. I only accept French style kiss today."

Taking a deep breath, Essie tried to escape, but she was pressed down and unable to move. She was like a helpless lamb, not able to resist the wolf.

But one should never lose the moral integrity, for she wanted him to know that she was forced, not volunteered.

After a long while, she felt dizzy and suffered from severe anoxia. She nearly fainted from suffocation.

When he let go of her, she collapsed in his arms like a lump of cotton.

He squinted at her. He wouldn't force her. He was willing to wait, until she was willing to give her to him.

After watching TV, they went back to their room.

Lying on the bed, Ross mentioned that he would go back to the Rong's house tomorrow.

With a sneer, Essie said, "how energetic Mrs. Vicki is! She is at such an old age and still has desire to come to your house to keep her granddaughter company."

Zac comforted her into his arms. "Don't worry. I'll take care of it."

"No." Essie waved her slender fingers and said, "I have to face it myself this time." Icy guy was on the side who did the wrong thing. If Valery and her family insisted on Zac abandoning her, he would be charged. But she was different. They came to force Zac to marry her, so she was naturally the victim. She had the right to protect her own interests. Even if they were elders, they were the main culprit in front of her.

Stroking her head in a pampering manner, Zac asked, "are you sure?"

"Don't worry!" She patted her chest, "you have been raised by me, and I have to protect you."

With a slight sigh, Zac said gently, "it's so lucky for me to marry a woman like you."

The next day, Mrs. Vicki and Elizabeth arrived at the house. They didn't take Valery with them because they didn't want her to be emotionally unstable.

Mr. Albert and Mrs. Mary, Zac and Essie were waiting in the living room.

Mr. Albert invited Mrs. Vicki sat on the most respectful seat with him, showing great respect to her.

Mary and Elizabeth sat on the left, while Zac and Essie on the right.

After taking a sip of tea, Mrs. Vicki said, "since everyone is here, I won't beat about the bush. This time, I'm here to talk about what you're going to do with Valery."

Albert waved his hand and sighed, "they have their own opinions now. They don't allow us to get involved in their marriage. We can't poke our nose into their business." He had put the matter of Valery aside with only one sentence and let Mrs. Vicki ask his son about it. It was useless to call him. His son could do whatever he wants!

The corners of Mrs. Vicki's mouth twitched slightly. She of course understood what Albert meant by saying that. He was going to deal with it in negative way.

Zac spoke slowly. His father had already thrown the ball at him. He had to take it. "I hav


"Mrs. Elizabeth, why couldn't your kids see their father when they were children?"

Elizabeth was like being stuffed a bone, and she swallowed hard. She said in a low voice unconsciously, "their father is very busy, and there are too many social engagements."

"Really?" Raising her eyebrows again, Essie said ironically, "is he so busy? Or is it because he has a family then? His wife and children are waiting for him to come back home." She took out her phone, "the Internet is very developed now. You can search everything on the Internet. I did some research on Mrs. Elizabeth on the Internet yesterday, and I found that there are a lot of news about you." As she read the post on the Internet, she read, "a mistress broke the Cinderella's marriage. Trying to make troubles... What a wonderful show! "

Lucy's marriage with Baron created a sensation in Dragon City at that time. It was a fairy tale praised as a modern Cinderella, envied by many people.

The news of their marriage's broken up was naturally the most shocking. All kinds of gossip news flew about it.

When they heard this, Elizabeth, Mrs. Vicki and Mary were shocked and turned pale at the same time. It was like a pair of big hands uncovered the fake mask of someone.

Taking a sip of tea slowly without making any sound, Albert believed his daughter-in-law would be very interesting in the following scenes.

Zac tipped him a wink. "Do you think I have better taste in choosing a wife than you?

"I can have a son!" Albert thought, lifting his thick eyebrows!

A smile played at the corners of Zac's mouth. "Sooner or later, I'll take it over with you.".

"Hurry up! Don't just say that you don't want your baby," said Albert with a blink.

Zac turned his head around. He wanted to, but his wife didn't cooperate. He couldn't force her to make it.

"These are all old memories. We're talking about your business now."

"It was really a long time ago. Just now you said it in tears, but how did you do it?" Essie sneered again.

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