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   Chapter 140 A Play

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Holding her hands, Zac said with an evil smile, "a battle is between men."

"If you weren't the successor of your family, Elizabeth wouldn't make great efforts to let her daughter marry you. She is counting on you to help her son to take the helm of her family. " She fed him a cherry and talked about it carelessly as if they were just talking about an insignificant chess game.

Zac gently rubbed her nose.

Great! She was not in a daze today. She became smarter. She even thought of such an in-depth clue.

"That's why I asked you not to get too close to Alice. The fight between them has nothing to do with us. Let's just be an audience and watch the show quietly. "

"Then who will be the future governor of the company in the future, which one is better for you and your family, Vinton or Alice?" There was a mist in Essie's bright eyes. It was a common trend for a businessman to seek profit. Although the two families had cooperation on many projects, Essie believed that the ice house would eventually favor the side which was more advantageous to his family.

Zac said with a smile. He had known that his wife was very profitable, and she was very clear about the core problems.

Actually, Hengyuan divided into two factions secretly. One faction stood on the side of Vinton, and the other faction supported Alice. Although Alice was a woman, she had Holy by her side. From the moment when Baron appointed Alice as the deputy CEO, his intention was clear. He wanted to hand over the group to Alice and Holy.

Vinton was now in the weak position, so he and Elizabeth had to seek an ally. They turned to look for a support from Zac's family by marriage.

When she saw that Zac was silent, Essie pinched him gently on his arm. "I guess in your heart, you will think that it's better for your family that Vinton took the position." After all, Elizabeth was Mary's best friend and Valery was pregnant with a baby of Zac. So they were sort of relatives. As for Alice and Holy, they had nothing to do with them.

Zac flicked her forehead. "Why do you care more about the affairs of Alice's family than about my family?"

"That's all I do for you. I know them better and we would win the game easily. Besides, as the crown prince of your family, you don't have to compete with anyone all the time."

Shaking his head, Zac laughed. He propped his hands against the back of his head and leaned against the back of the sofa. It was not about the power struggle in his family. It was just because his grandmother were still in charge, and his father, the Nine Tailed Fox boss, was also good at using power. Therefore, they maintained the quiet atmosphere on the surface.

"Honey, it's not easy to have a rest. You should cherish it." He said implicit.

Essie sat up, finished the last cherry on the plate and smacked her lips in satisfaction. "In fact, if you tell me the gossips about your family, I would be very interested, such as that haunted yard. Is there a real ghost?"

He pinched her chin gently. "If you want to know something, I can tell you. The ghost yard is a taboo. Don't mention it at home afterwards."

"I know. I won't mention it again." She was well aware of what she shoul

father and son, both of them spoke in the same tone.

On the side of Zac, after the call, he went downstairs to keep company with Essie to watch the movie set at eight o'clock.

The movie now was played "Shu Shan swordsman" by Nicole.

"Nicole's acting skill is really good, and she is a popular star, not like other actress who plays dumb and sweet, and not that silly. I don't know why she become popular." Essie pouted again.

"In the entertainment circle, acting skills are not the key point. As long as there are people supporting them and they will hype, everyone can become famous." Zac shrugged.

"How long will it take that my Eva can act the heroine. Our Eva is beautiful, well built, well performed, good at singing and dancing. She should be famous. " Essie frowned again and tried to defend her best friend. Zac put his arm around her shoulder and said with a smile, "if someone is willing to support her, she will be famous."

The problem was that she didn't have such a strong background and she might have offended the producer.

With a sigh, she continued.

Now, she had stepped into the entertainment industry and stirred up her life, and she also knew the tricks in it. She knew very well that if it were not for Zac, she would not even be able to pass the initial exam of Beauty on Overpass, not to mention to success.

She took a bite of the ice cream and looked up at Zac, "do you have any good roles to introduce to our Eva?"

In fact, Zac had expected that she would ask him about that. With a smile at the corners of his mouth, he said, "stars and Sky Entertainment Group Limited are filming a mystical play of ancient costume recently. The heroine of the movie is going to pass the initial exam. You can ask her to take part in the play."

Essie blinked.

The so-called initial election was just a hype of popularity, but had it been decided before it got popular?

"You might help Eva to pass through the back door, right?" She smirked.

A slight wicked smile flitted across the curve of Zac's thin lips. His tall body pounced forward. "Then it depends on if you can help me at this time."

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