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   Chapter 139 Tell The Truth Completely

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When Baron fixed his eyes on Essie, his eyes lit up with something unreadable.

"You are..."

"She is sister Essie, brother Zac's girlfriend." Before Zac could introduce, Holy said quickly and emphasized the words "girlfriend."

Baron was taken aback by what he heard and his eyes darkened.

Vicki frowned and the wrinkles on her forehead deepened. Wasn't he going to marry Valery? Why did he involve himself in this matter?

"Daddy, grandma, I'm going to blow out the candles." Holy screamed.

Putting away his disappointment, Baron put on a kind expression and sang the birthday song together with the children.

At this moment, Mrs. Vicki was not in the mood.

After chopping the cake, she asked Holy to take his friends to the yard to play. She wanted to make things clear with Zac.

After the kids left, Vicki saw that Alice standing still and rolled her eyes at her. "It's none of your business here. Get out."

Without saying a word, Alice walked out silently. She couldn't offend this old lady before she got the company. She had to endure.

However, it was different to Essie. She was no longer a member of this family, and she didn't have to endure the old lady anymore. Seeing that Vicki was still treating Alice coldly, Essie was full of anger in her heart.

The four people sat on the sofa face to face. She reached out to hold his arm, and deliberately raised her hand with a purple heart, slowly stroking the hair on her chest.

The light of the purple diamond was dazzling, which pierced into the eyes of Mrs. Vicki, as if Essie was to revenge silently.

"Zac, did you quarrel with Valery?"

She tried to keep calm. She wanted to know the truth first.

Holding Essie's hands, Zac said, "since you've already known, I don't have to beat about the Bush anymore. I won't marry Valery."

When she heard this, Mrs. Vicki trembled violently. She almost jumped up from the sofa and said, "what are you talking about? Valery is pregnant with your child now. Don't you want to desert her by saying this?"

"I don't love her. If I force myself to be with her, I won't be happy," His tone was euphemistic. He was polite to her because she was his elder.

Sitting beside him, Baron didn't say a word even though he kept a straight face.

Essie looked at him with a sneer in her eyes. In front of Mrs. Vicki, he had always been an obedient and meek man, but so many years had passed, and he still kept silent.

After hearing this, Mrs. Vicki was filled with anger. But since Zac was the crown prince of his family, she didn't show her anger. She was afraid that once she was shameless enough, her granddaughter would lose the chance to marry him.

"Since you don't love her, why did you have sex with her and made her pregnant?"

Zac wanted to kill her. He had been bothered by this question. He was even angrier at himself. He couldn't tell the truth.

However, he had no choice but to keep the baby. For th

n prince of his family, and Alice would help him. That was why he appointed her to be the deputy CEO.

The old lady's face softened slightly. Vinton and Holy were all her grandson. She agreed Baron to hand over the family business to Holy as long as it was not Alice to inherit the whole family. The only meaning of a daughter's existence in a family was the political marriage that could bring more benefits to the family. If a daughter didn't want to marry, then she would be useless to the family.

At this time, Essie and Zac were on their way back.

"Honey, you are different today." There was a charming smile on his perfect lips.

"What is the difference?" She trembled slightly. Was she a little overreacting in the villa just now to arouse his suspicion?

He reached out his hand and stroked her head, with infinite tenderness in his eyes. "You are very domineering, just like you shouted in the bar to raise me. You are very queenly. I really appreciate you!"

Essie secretly let out a sigh of relief in her heart. She lifted the short hair on her forehead and slightly raised her eyebrows, showing her complacency. "Don't worry. I will protect you. Don't worry about anything."

"Thank you, your majesty." Zac said with a teasing smile.

In the villa.

Essie lay on the sofa and put her head on his solid lap.

"I didn't expect that they knew nothing about us." She said thoughtfully while eating the cherries.

"Uncle Baron has been in America these days, and Mrs. Vicki has stayed in the manor all day long. How does she know what happened outside?" Said Zac flatly.

"All the things she knows is probably told by Elizabeth." She sneered, thinking that Vicki must be brainwashed by Elizabeth every day, and turned into a pawn by her completely.

"They should be on their way to your family soon." Zac said with a deep smile.

"Are we going to fight again?" Essie wiped her hands with her fist, as if she had seen a fierce storm.

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