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   Chapter 138 I Don't Want To See You All My Life (Part Two)

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'You brat, if you want to avenge your wife, you don't have to stab me behind my back, do you?'

He put his arm around her shoulder and patted it. "You should take care of your own business. Don't be so nosy." His words set Mary's mind at rest. He and Minny had been strangers to each other and never met each other for a long time.

Without saying anything more, Mary walked out with a smile.

Essie was thinking about what gift she wanted to give to Holy in the past two days.

Looking at her distressed face, Zac smiled, "you can ask Goel. He's his best friend. He'll know what Holy likes."

Why didn't she think of it?

Saying that, she patted on her head again. Hastily, she dialed the number of Goel.

The problem was solved smoothly.

On Wednesday, she decided to go alone. It was impossible for Zac to rest assured. He must be there to protect her.

Of course, Goel would go to the birthday party with them. He was not only Holy's good friend, but also his spy.

However, Holy didn't live in the family villa, but lived with Alice. This way, he wouldn't have any chance to be hurt by Elizabeth.

It was not a big villa, but it was well decorated. The whole yard belonged to Holy. There were swing, slide and merry go round. It was like a mini children's Park.

The villa was equipped with the most advanced security system and more than ten bodyguards patrolling around the clock.

Although Holy was only eight years old, he was already a gangster, and ordinary adults were no match for him. As for Alice, who joined the female special force at the age of 15, was proficient in shooting and fighting. She could easily knock down seven or eight men.

If you want to sur

ight because Zac was always the most eye-catching when he was standing out among the crowd.

"Here comes Zac." She smiled with kindness. Elizabeth told her that they were now discussing the wedding with Zac's family. She was very happy that Valery would become the crown prince's wife after getting married, which would be of great help to the family in the future. She was so lucky to have her granddaughter.

"Nice to meet you, Mrs. Vicki and uncle Baron." Said Zac politely.

"Honey, we are family in the future." Vicki nodded with a smile.

Essie coldly stared at her, with disgust and sadness in her heart. Because she didn't like Lucy, she didn't like her children, especially girls. She had never hugged them or smiled at them. Her eyes were always cold, without any tenderness, as if they were redundant and should not have come to this world at all.

At this moment, she didn't looked at Alice as if she were an outsider. Alice had been accustomed to that. As a result, she was cold to Vicki.

"Mr. Baron and Mrs. Vicki, nice to meet you." Essie's brisk voice broke the silence. This sudden move surprised Zac.

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