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   Chapter 136 A Fight Back From The Son

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The corners of Mary's mouth twitched slightly, and the ball she threw was thrown back again.

Although this daughter-in-law had not been approved by the whole family, getting the marriage certificate meant that they had issued a decree, and there was only a ceremony left.

To be the lady of the family was the dream of many ladies and aristocrats. They dreamed of being the lady of the family. They racked their brains to get this position, but now her son fell in love with such a humble woman. Now Essie got this position. She must had saved the universe in her previous life. How could she let it go so easily?

It seemed that she had to put some efforts in both hard and soft tactics.

"Zac is stubborn, so he needs a good wife who is capable of admonishing her. See, in ancient times, the great kings had their excellent queens to remind them frequently, so they could make a prosperity country. If you don't have the ability to remind him to keep safe, how can you solve the problem for him in the future? "

With a polite smile, Essie replied, "aunt, I will always remember your education. But the most important reason for the king to accept the queen's advice is that he loves her. If he is forced to marry someone he doesn't love, he won't be able to go home, let alone listen to her advice. It's truly a tragedy of marriage that he has been outside all day. "

The muscle on Mary's face convulsed violently, which poked her vital parts. She initially wanted to keep Valery at home and let her develop a close relationship with her son, but things didn't go as she expected. Instead, she forced her son to live outside instead of going back home.

She took a sip of tea and tried to calm herself down. "Love can be developed. Many upper class couples are arranged by their parents. As long as they get along with each other for a longer time, they will naturally have feelings for each other as time goes by, and they will get along very well with each other."

With a slight sigh, Essie said, "they've been friends in childhood for more than ten years, but they still haven't had any affection for each other. Do they have to wait for another twenty years, or even all their lives?"

Mary's face darkened. Since Essie cared about Valery's existence, she just made it clear to her and made her give up on this idea. "Valery is pregnant with a baby, so she is a member of our family before you. Whatever you feel happy or not, it doesn't change her position in our family. In Dragon City, anyone with power couldn't have only one woman by his side. You have to be tolerated if you want to be the lady of my family. "

But in her heart, Essie sneered, 'if your husband really comes back with a woman, how could you be so generous?

"It doesn't matter whether she's in the family or not. I just want her to be in the right position and not mess up her position. Yes, we have promised you that we will not disclose our marriage to the public. But it doesn't mean that I will forget my identity as a wife. "

Mary frowned,

in her heart, one of which was Minny.

The thorn would not be removed forever and she would not feel pain when she was not moved. Once someone touched her, she would feel the pain.

"It's late. I'm going to the kitchen to check on the dinner." She said with a low voice and walked out of the pavilion.

Looking at Mary's back, who had been a busy person in usual but now suddenly became desolate, Essie could not help but sneer in her heart.

She didn't expect that her mother-in-law would realize her mistake so quickly.

In his middle age, Albert was more handsome and elegant than usual. There must be a lot of women admiring him. No matter how well Mary took care of her skin, she was still a middle-aged woman, not a patch on those young girls?

Maybe one day, another woman would marry Albert and make him another son.

She snickered in her heart and put her arm on Zac's shoulder, "isn't it too merciful to poke out your mother's scar?"

"I just want to remind her that do not do to others what you don't want others to do to you." Holding her in his arms, Zac caressed her dark hair lovingly. "My mother raised Valery up. And Elizabeth is her best friend. It's inevitable that something went wrong with her. Please don't take her words seriously. After this matter is settled, she will accept you. "

Essie smiled bitterly in her heart.

She didn't pin too much hope on it. Anyway, this matter was settled, and she should leave. It didn't matter if she would accept it or not.

She gently touched his beautiful nose and changed the topic, "ice house, I think your daddy will have a hard day today."

He took a sip of his tea with an expression of carelessness, as if he was not worried at all. "I think he can handle it."

"Sands are the eyes of the beholder. No woman is willing to share her husband with others, unless she doesn't care about this man," she sighed.

"Really?" Zac raised his eyebrows. There was a gleam in his eyes. "So, you mind Valery's existence because you care about me?"

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