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   Chapter 135 Fight Between Mother-in-law And Daughter-in-law

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There was a deep look on his face. "Alice's family is very complicated. You'd better keep a distance from them."

"Isn't it complicated to be a rich family? Do you dare to say that your family is very simple and harmonious? " She believed that the harmony and peace of Zac's family was only a superficial phenomenon. But she also knew how violent the struggle for power and wealth in the dark was.

Zac sighed, "that's not what I meant. I mean that Alice is a not a simple woman. I am afraid you might get involved in a fight unconsciously."

Essie sneered. She had been involved in this matter for a long time, and he was the chief culprit.

"If Alice is not simple, are Elizabeth and Valery simple? The enemy of an enemy is a friend! "

Her tone was rather firm. Zac realized that it was obvious that she wanted to unite with Alice and her brother to deal with Elizabeth and her daughter.

Wasn't this idea exactly what Alice had been expecting?

"Do you know why Alice swear not to marry for the rest of her life?" He said in a low voice.

"Why?" Essie's dark eyes twinkled. Last time at the party, Jim stopped before finishing his words. She had always wanted to know.

"Because she wants to be in charge of her family in the future." Zac said it word by word slowly and clearly. Although she was usually dull and confused, she had always been very smart in major matters. He believed that she would have a correct judgment. But the most important part was that, Zac didn't know, Essie was one of members of Alice's family. She was not interested in other people's business, but she wouldn't leave her sister's.

"It's natural. She is the daughter of her family. Of course she has the right to inherit the family." She said lightly, but her heart was turbulent. When they broke up, Alice said that she wanted to take her father back and drive Elizabeth away. She didn't break her promise and had been trying hard.

She must be very tired by herself. It's time for her to help her now.

One of the reasons why Elizabeth had tried her best to make her daughter to marry Zac was that she had hoped Zac could help her son, Vinton, to defeat Alice. But now, this plan was destroyed by her, and she had waited for a long time to find a chance to revenge. Since she had got the chance, she should make good use of it!

Zac was resigned to hear her words. He wondered whether she was pretending to be stupid or not?

"Power struggles are cruel. Innocent people around may be taken advantage of. I don't want you to be their pawn?" Since she didn't turn around, he could only make it clear to her.

She smiled lightly, "you think too much. If everyone has to be this careful when dealing with each other, then they would have no friends. Do you think so?" She continued to play dumb, knowing very well that he did not want to get her involved. But it was impossible for her to keep herself clean in the muddy water. The more stupid and confused she was, the more worried he would be. At that time, he couldn't keep away from the issues of Alice's family.

At this moment, hearing such simple words, Zac's face had shown melancholy. He thought that Essie started to get a past

ur marriage's existence, you're not allowed to talk to beautiful women, nor to have any physical contact with beautiful women unless I'm present. Otherwise, I will just leave you to Valery and punish you severely. "

She was exaggerating.

Now she could finally be like a wife.

Zac touched his chin and showed an indulgent smile in the corners of his mouth.

In the evening, after Albert came back, he asked his son to be study room and engaged in business, and then Mary took the opportunity to call Essie to the garden.

"Are you okay?" She opened her mouth with greetings.

"I am fine." Essie nodded her head.

"You must be careful in the future," Taking a sip of the tea, she changed her tone, "I heard that Zac was poisoned because of you. Fortunately, it was on the skin and didn't go into blood. You should stop him from doing such a dangerous thing. "

Essie lowered her head and said nothing. She was also worried that he would be poisoned. She wanted to stop him, but she didn't have the strength.

Seeing that she was in silence, Mary sighed and said, "Zac is not an ordinary person, and his wife can't be ordinary either. You have to consider whether you can be his good wife. Now you have been carried away by love. When you feel that you have love, you will have everything, but as you find that you are not suitable for each other, contradictions will appear. At that time, both of you will regret and break up in discord. It is better to consider whether you are suitable for each other now. "

Essie smiled and said in an indifferent tone, "you're right, but as a mother, you should know his character. No one can stop him from doing what he wants to or force him to do what he doesn't want to. Now that he thinks I'm a better wife, I'll work hard to improve myself and take my responsibility. If he thinks I'm not suitable for him or finds someone better, I'll immediately leave him. I won't take the position at that time. So you don't have to worry too much. " She was expressing in a straightforward way: 'Who Zac would marry was not up to you, me, or Valery. It was all up to your son.'

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