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   Chapter 134 Sow Dissension

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"To be honest, I don't believe it either. But after this thing happened, I think it's better to be more careful. The Taoist priest had said that as long as a woman was fated to be unlucky, the man would become dizzy and lose the ability to judge correctly, which would lead to the failure of work, the failure of business, or an undeserved catastrophe, and his body to be damaged. See, Essie was bitten by a snake. Zac sucked out her blood for her, and resulted in her poisoning to him. What's going on with him? It's all because of Essie! "

Elizabeth had a sip of tea and added, "superstition is a superstitious thing. I'd rather believe in it. You'd better be careful. After all, Zac is the heir of the family in the future. He has a heavy responsibility. He can get any kind of woman you want. Being the hostess of the family, his wife must be lucky to the whole family. "

The more Mary heard it, the more reasonable it became. The monk in the temple was really miraculous, and he was right about her son's marriage.

She couldn't tell how disgusted she was by Essie's face. She didn't like her at the first sight of her.

If this woman was harmful to her son, she must kick her out.

Looking at Mary's serious expression, Elizabeth knew that she didn't like Essie very much. She just needed to use some tricks to verify her disguise, and then Mary would be able to completely make up her mind to drive the little bitch away.

It turned out that Essie had recovered very well. After staying in the hospital for two days and making sure that she was fine, she left the hospital.

When Alice and Holy knew her injury from wechat, They hurried to the Zac's house to visit her.

When Essie saw her sister and brother, she was very happy. Yesterday when she called her mother, she wanted to tell her that she had seen her sister, but she was afraid that it would affect her mother's mood. She had no choice but to hold back her words.

For all these years, Essie and her mother didn't mention anything about Alice and her family, but she knew that her mother thought of her sister because she always looked at Alice's photos secretly. She must be very happy if she knows that her sister is now living a good life and has become the deputy CEO of Hengyuan.

She took out fruits, desserts and drinks to entertain them.

"Holy, help yourself."

Holy nodded and put a cherry into his mouth. After eating it, he asked, "Sister Essie, does your leg still hurt?"

With a smile, she said, "it's okay."

"That's good." He blinked his beautiful big eyes and turned to Zac. He said like a small adult, "brother Zac, you have to take good care of my sister Essie, and never let her get hurt again."

Zac smiled and caressed his head lovingly. This little boy was exactly the soul of a child. He might be the person who could decide the future of his family. Vinton, the son of Elizabeth, was a typical playboy. He only knew how to ride the car, show off the wealth and play with women all day long. Even if his family had a large fortune, in his hand, he would use it out and be poor.

Alice took a sip of black tea and said to Essie, "these days, Elizabeth and her daughter have done a lot of trouble to you, haven't they?"

Essie sh

ard of them." She fixed her eyes on an unknown corner in the distance. Her voice was vague, sad and confused.

A sharp pain came to her mind, and she plucked a jasmine flower and smelled it to ease the uproar in her heart. "Don't be sad, Alice. You'll meet again," she said.

"Perhaps she still hates me and doesn't want to see me."

"How could that be? You and her were so close that no matter how much hatred you had, you could dissolve it. Besides, she was only seven years old at that time, and she was still a child. Perhaps she didn't even know what hatred was. " She tried her best to comfort her in a casual tone, trying to hide anything from her. Her heart was shouting, and she wanted to tell her that she had never hated her and had never blamed her. The reason why she said so was that she didn't want to separate from her.

At the same time, Alice looked at Essie with her sharp and deep eyes, as if she wanted to figure out something. She raised her head, looked into her eyes, and smiled, "what's wrong? Is there anything on my face? " Then, Essie touched her face.

"No, there isn't." The moment she finished her words, Alice turned to look at the gardenia.

At a nearby path, Zac walked towards her slowly. Seeing this, Alice looked at her watch and said, "it's late. Holy and I should go now." She waved at Holy, and Holy ran towards her happily.

"Bye, sister Essie. Bye, brother Zac. Don't forget to attend my birthday party." He waved his hand to say goodbye to Essie and Zac.

Essie nodded with a smile, "OK, see you on Wednesday."

After getting out of the villa, Holy got into his car and fastened his seat belt. He then turned to look at Alice and asked, "will Essie work with us to deal with those evil witch?"

A complicated expression flashed in Alice's eyes. "Yes, she will." She said as she started the engine.

In the villa.

Essie sat on the sofa again, picked up the IPad and began to look for something. "Zac, do you think which present should I give to Holy?" she asked.

Zac stroked her head and said in a low voice, "just send the gift. Don't go to the party."

After a short pause, she asked, "why?"

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