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   Chapter 133 This Woman Was Unlucky

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The next morning, Ivy wanted to go to the pool and swim, so everyone went with her.

The water was clear. The fish swam here and there.

Zac and William were as agile and nimble as a fish hawk and soon they caught several fishes.

Essie couldn't swim so she didn't go into the water, instead, she roasted the fish on the shore.

Not far away, there was a dark shadow hiding in the jungle, which was as tall as a man. He had been hiding at the top of the mountain for the whole night. As Zac was always around Essie, he was very angry that he couldn't find a chance to kill Essie.

Now the time finally came.

He put down the black bag in his hand and carefully opened the tape. A hungry Viper crawled out of it and slowly swam towards the lake.

Essie had already roasted three fish. She waved to the four people in the water and said with a smile, "beautiful ladies, handsome guys, come here and have some fish!"

She didn't notice that the danger was approaching her at all. For a moment, Zac saw something. It was a snake with a silver circle in the pattern of black and white. And it was one of the ten venomous snakes, with a strong attacking power.

He got nervous immediately. "Essie, there is a snake. Don't move!" He roared and swam quickly to the shore. Hearing his shout, William, Ivy and Daisy followed him hastily.

Essie didn't hear her clearly, so she moved two steps forward and wanted to walk to bank of the river. However, the silver snake sprang to its feet and bit hard at her ankle.

As soon as she felt the sharp pain on her ankle, she fell on the ground. When she saw the two teeth marks on her ankle, she realized that she was bitten by a snake.

Zac swam ashore and sprinted to her quickly. "Sit still. Don't move." He tore his T-shirt, bound her calves and controlled the venom to spread. Taking his cellphone out of his pocket, William called the medical team of the helicopter and asked them to take the antidote of the silver Viper with them to come as soon as possible.

Zac was not as rational as him. Silver snakes were highly toxic. If the medical team hadn't arrived within half an hour, she would be paralyzed and stop breathing. He would never allow such a thing to happen.

He lowered his head desperately and began to suck the poison blood from her wound.

"No, Zac. It's not good for your health. You'll be poisoned, too." Daisy cried in fear.

"Yeah, let's wait for the medical team." Ivy trembled with fear.

William squatted down and said, "boss, let me do it."

Zac spat out a mouthful of black poison blood. "She is my woman." His tone was so arrogant. He swore that he would protect his woman with his life. If he couldn't save Essie, he would trade his life for it as long as she was safe.

Hearing this, Essie was so shocked that she almost forgot about the pain on her ankle. She exerted all her strength to push him away and said, "don't suck anymore. If you are also poisoned, who will take care of me?"

Zac spat out a mouthful of black blood again. "Don't be afraid. You fool. If I suck out all the venom, you will be fine."

Tears welled up from Essie's eyes.

Why would he risk his life for her?

Elizabeth shook her head and sighed.

"Zac has always been very cautious with his behavior. Maybe he was sure of it himself, so he did so." She became more resentful, but she still maintained her calm tone.

"That's good. I'm afraid he would lose his mind and get angry because of that woman. Some women were good at bewitching men and attracting them with all kinds of methods. They wanted the man to be with her, ignoring their parents, responsibilities, and even their reputation. A woman like her can't be a good wife. She will be a scourge sooner or later. "

Elizabeth said as she secretly observed Mary's face. Seeing her frown a little, she knew her words worked. Of course, it was not enough. She took a sip of tea and continued, "do you still remember the last time we went to the temple together, where we helped us unravel the signs of the Taoist priest?"

Mary nodded her head. Last time, when Zac was stabbed in the eastern region, she went to the temple to burn incense and kowtow to pray for her son's safety. By the way, she drew lots for him, which meant that he was lucky even if he had been in danger. The Taoist also told her that her son would get married with someone this year as he was going to hold a wedding for his wife at home. She had thought that she would marry Valery, but she didn't expect him to get married with another woman.

"I asked the Taoist priest to check up on Essie. He said that she was the most dangerous woman in the world. Whoever marries Essie, he will be dead or badly injured. What's more, her family's destiny will be impacted, and her house will be in chaos." Elizabeth's words were very mysterious. She did ask the Taoist to check on Essie, but the Taoist said that the woman on the photo was the wife of a rich man, which was rarely seen in a hundred years. The one who married to the woman in the photo would get rich and had a large family. She was pissed off. She had planned to tell Mary the truth if the Taoist priest said something bad, but now she had to make it up.

"Is it so scary?" Mary said lightly. She was always dubious about fortune telling.

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