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   Chapter 132 She Cannot Escape

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"Yes." She said the word weakly, as if she was mad at him. Didn't he have another woman in his heart?

Jealousy flashed in his eyes, but it was more bitter. Her heart seemed to be closed to him. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't get in.

"I can wait!" He said clearly, forcefully and firmly. As long as she had become his woman, she would be his woman all her life.

She was stunned and didn't understand what he meant. "What are you waiting for?"

"Waiting for you forgetting him." He stared at her. There was only her shadow in his eyes, as if there was only her in the whole world.

"Why should I forget him?" She sneered and really wanted to ask, "can you forget Leila?" Back then, Hanson had given up on her in order to get Bella back, while he had also given up on Leila for the sake of his family. To a certain extent, they were equally matched.

"Because I will make you forget him!" Zac said in a serious tone, behaving arbitrarily and overbearingly.

She couldn't understand his expression and his heart. Maybe it was because of his terrible possessiveness. As long as she would live with him legally, he would not help but classified her into private property, not allowing others to steal or encroach on her.

"Let's see if you can do that!" She mocked, and the sadness in her heart was deepened.

On the other side of the mountain top, Daisy was standing on a big rock to take photos of the southern island mountain in the sunset.

William stood next to her and kept reminding her to be careful.

After that, she jumped down from the stone and looked at the pictures she had taken in high spirits. "Every day the sunset is different, so is the Ellie mountain. I want to try my best to keep the beautiful scenery." Her little face was shining in the setting sun, clean, innocent and bright.

William looked at her quietly. In a trance, her shadow overlapped with another one and they were both gentle, beautiful and wonderful. But one day, she betrayed him and slept beside another man. It was like a thunderclap to him. He didn't know how long he would be depressed if it wasn't for the advice of Zac.

"William!" "That's a very beautiful and professional shot." Daisy's voice broke William's meditation.

Daisy smiled, her smile particularly brilliant in the sunset.

At the side of the bonfire, Ivy was watching a bowl of beef stew in the pot. She was so hungry.

The servant put the noodles on the pot and prepared to eat after a while.

Zac knew that Essie liked to eat meat most, so he constantly picked beef into her bowl.

With a wave of her hand, Essie said, "no, thank you."

"You are too thin. Eat more meat." His gentle and affectionate eyes made her heart ripple like a breeze. She had to admit that his tenderness sometimes made her have an illusion that she shouldn't have, and unconsciously, they would depend on each other. The sugar coated bullets were like poppies. You knew that they were eroding your spirit and soul, but you could not refuse them at all. You were addicted to them and could not

ed a huge pressure, making her heart beat faster and irregular. She swallowed hard and moistened her dry throat. She pulled out her hand from the back of her head and gently pushed him, so as to keep a safe distance.

He ignored her resistance completely. He raised his hand to touch her face, and his long fingers softly moved from her forehead to her lips, like feathers.

"You idiot, don't you have any feelings for me?"


What feeling?

Confused, she asked, "are you hateful?"

He trembled as if he had been oppressed. "You hate me?"

"You lied to me, teased me, took advantage of me all the time, shouldn't I hate you?" There was a trace of anger in her voice. He didn't like her. He just wanted to take advantage of her, but he had to control and possess her. Why was he so aggressive? She was not a toy. She had dignity and feelings, OK?

A tinge of pain flashed across his eyes, his eyebrows slightly knitted, and a wry smile played at the corners of his mouth. "So that's how I behave?"

In fact, when she was in danger, he was always the first to come to save her. When she was unhappy, he would try to make her laugh. When she was accidentally injured, he was the only person who took care of her beside It could be said that he treated her with utmost care. Perhaps it was because of this that she unconsciously became accustomed to him and rely on him.

She couldn't say this to him. All she said was a deep sigh, "we don't need to mind it. You are not the one I want, and so am I. We are just a mistake. "

His eyes were as dark as the night at the top of the mountain. "If it's a mistake, I don't care to make the final mistake. Even if you hate me, I will accept it!" After saying that, he lowered his head. Even if there was no place for him in her heart, he would not let her go. She could only be his woman all her life!

Not far away, in a dense jungle, a pair of mysterious eyes were staring at them in darkness. He had followed them secretly for a long time, only waiting for the right time

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