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   Chapter 131 The First Love

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They drove the off-road vehicle to the foot of the mountain. It was a good place to spend the weekend here with fresh air, beautiful environment and pleasant scenery.

As soon as Essie got out of the car, she took Daisy's hand and walked up to William. "William, Zac and I will take care of Ivy, so Daisy is your responsibility. Take care of her."

William nodded, with a calm expression.

Essie sighed in her heart. He was just like an ice house worker, who could not understand amorous feelings!

Ivy was the first to rush into the mountain, followed by others. Two servants were responsible for backpacks and tents. They would camp on the mountain tonight.

The road up the mountain was easy and winding. There were twists and turns, climbing up and down the hill. Although they went round and round, there were no steep stone steps and obstacles.

Essie caught up with Ivy. They hummed together the latest popular song named "the autumn without love".

Zac walked behind them. It felt like he was abandoned by them. The funny thing was that she didn't need him anymore and didn't care about him anymore. In her heart, the little bit of existence he managed to occupy was disappearing at a terrifying speed. Was it because of Hanson who came back and took back her position? According to his current situation, he seemed to have no competition at all. It was all Valery's fault!

Daisy and William walked at the end. William was not talkative. To keep the air warm, Daisy had to try her best to find a topic.

"William, are you busy with your work recently?"

"I'm fine." Said William, in a plain tone.

"I heard from Zac that you are good at playing golf. I also like playing golf. Let's play next weekend together, okay?" She said in a low voice, as if to offer an invitation in a disguised way. She was very nervous, and she was afraid that he would refuse.

"I'm going to have a meeting next Sunday," said William, giving her a meaningful look.

Upon hearing this, Daisy's heart sank. She looked down and her fine eyelashes cast two sad shadows on her white eyelids.

She was refused! Was it too rude of her to invite him?

On the other side, Zac who was not far from them turned to look at William and said, "you don't need to attend the next Sunday's North Sea video meeting. Take the vacation."

'Is he trying to help me?' William thought. 'It is a tonic!'

It was a heavy blow to Daisy's fragile heart. She walked forward silently with her head down in a loss.

Looking at her receding figure, William got nervous.

In fact, he liked her. But he was not ready to accept a new relationship because he was afraid that it would hurt her.

When he was silent and hesitant, Zac walked over to him. He patted on his shoulder and said, "your task for next week is to play golf with my sister."

"Boss, being in a relationship will affect my work."

With a smile at the corners of his mouth, Zac said, "it doesn't matter. Falling in love with my sister is also one of your work."

"I'm free next Sunday," said William, trying to catch up with Daisy. He said in a low voice.

Daisy raised her eyes, and her dim big eye

sire. Hanson was more true to her. Although he had abandoned her, at least he had her in his heart and loved her. However, Zac was to deceive and use her. All the nice things he had done to her were sugar coated bullets and emotional investment, only to make her willing to be used as cannon fodder. He never had her in his heart, but only Leila.

After resting, they continued climbing. At dusk, they finally reached the top of the mountain.

The servants set up tents and began to make dinner. They had a quick meal at noon. Beef and soup noodles were the food they would take for dinner.

Zac sat down beside her and said, "I began to miss the stewed sirloin with white radish you made."

"There is the best cook in your family but I can only cook some ordinary home cooking dishes. Do you still want to eat the food I cook?"

Zac shook his head. "It's different. I feel warm to eat the dishes you cook. At that time, I didn't want to tell anyone about my real identity not only because of Valery. Besides, I thought that we could get along well with each other in that way. If my real identity was exposed to the public, you would definitely stay away from me, just like now. "

Essie trembled slightly and turned to look at Zac. The sunset was shining on his face, but his dark eyes were filled with disappointment and worry.

She couldn't understand the complicated expression in his eyes, and she thought that it was enough for her to help him deal with Valery. What else does he need? She was dispensable in his heart. After driving Valery away, she would be of no value to him. At that time, he would probably treat her as a vulgar woman, urging her to divorce quickly?

With these thoughts in her mind, she felt a kind of unspeakable sadness. She lowered her head and covered her injured eyes with her thick eyelashes, so as to prevent him from seeing her fragility.

The obvious reaction of escape also made his heart tighten. He frowned slightly. The disappointment between his eyebrows was deeper and gloomier than the twilight.

"You are still thinking about him, aren't you?"

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