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   Chapter 130 How Dare You Not Marry Me

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Essie coughed and changed the topic, "Ivy, how do you think of the suit I've made this time?"

"Amazing. I think yours are more beautiful than Sunny's. I know the judges from Bella would take sides with Sunny when my Hanson is not here. Though they can recommend those holy and good people including relatives, it is too much. My Hanson is the most fair judge there. " Actually, Ivy didn't care about her brother's cold eyes at all when she talked about Hanson.

Essie consciously lowered her head to drink tea, without saying a word. She didn't want to be hurt by accident.

The possessiveness of the ice house was very strong. Even if Essie, a nominal wife, was to be admitted into his ruling Kingdom, allowing no one to steal.

Of course, Ivy didn't know what was going on among them. She moved closer to Essie and said with a flattering smile, "well, sister Essie, aren't you the junior schoolmate of Hanson? Do you have his personal QQ and phone number?"

When Essie was thinking about how to respond to her, Zac said coldly, "my wife just knew him. They haven't met each other for a long time. How could she get that?"

"What?" "Do you have any friends who know him very well or have his phone number? I want to call him. His voice is particularly magnetic and attractive. I feel like I'm in love with him." Ivy added.

Essie had just taken a sip of tea, and the tea spit out all of it. Luckily, she raised her hand in time to prevent the tea from spraying to Zac.

Patting the back of her head, Zac said, "hey kid. There's nothing you can't fall in love with. If you can fall in love with someone just by watching them on TV, then the whole world is full of promiscuous scums and men."

"Why are you so angry?" Stroking the back of her head in pain, murmured "I fell in love with him at the first sight. That's too much? You just knew sister Essie and got married in such a short time. Don't you love her at first sight? "

The words were like adding fuel to the fire.

A surge of envy surged in Zac's heart. He knew very well that it wasn't him but Hanson whom Essie fell in love with at first sight. Essie had always been in love with Hanson till now. And no matter how hard he tried, he just couldn't make it. If she had met him five years ago instead of Hanson, would she fall in love with him at first sight?

As for himself, he had never been in love, and did not know what love was like? When he first met Essie, an indescribable feeling arose in his heart. This feeling was different from that towards other women. That was why he agreed to drink with her and have fun with her.

He didn't know whether he loved her or not, but he knew that she held a very important position in his heart, more than anyone, including himself. He longed for her, for her heart, as if he had owned the whole world as long as he had her. Before he could figure out what kind of emotion it was, he couldn't promise her easily, so he could only choose to be silent, like now.

Essie's heart sank slightly. When every time this topic was mentioned, she felt depressed without knowing why. If he didn't love her, why did he alw

All the people froze and could only see a row of crows.

Zac coughed and said, "it's almost eleven o'clock. Daisy, it's time for you to go to bed now. If William sees you with black eyes tomorrow, he must be scared away on the spot and will never show up again!"

"Oh, my God!" As if being stabbed by a needle, Daisy jumped up screaming and covered her face, "I will apply a facial mask and go to sleep." Then she rushed upstairs.

Ivy leaned back on the sofa, picked up a cherry and put it into her mouth. "I'm just 18 years old and still young. I don't need to worry about the dark circles under my eyes. And I want to see my Hanson."

A cold light flashed in Zac's eyes. He held up the hands of Essie and said, "darling, let's go to sleep." He didn't want to see Hanson at all.

Essie cast a naughty glance at him, and grinned. She deliberately leaned towards the sofa and said, "I don't want to sleep now. I'll watch the show with Ivy."

Zac's eyes were burning. He picked her up and said, "only eyes on me!" Then he went upstairs with his arms holding Essie.

Looking at their backs, Valery was very indignant!

Holding her in her arms, Ivy said, "Valery, Daisy is right. You are too weak to fight with her now. Even if there was no Essie, my cousin will still find other women to take care of him. You'd better focus on taking care of yourself and your baby."

Valery bit her lower lip and decided to let this bitch be complacent for a few days. She would be doomed after her child was born.

The next day was a good day for travelling.

Early in the morning, Daisy got up and began to choose clothes. She wanted to attract William when he saw her.

Both of Essie and Zac were dressed in Chrysanthemum blue sportswear, looking like a couple.

Seeing that everyone rushed out in high spirits, Valery glared at them with malicious and insidious eyes.

'The forest is very dangerous. Poisonous snakes, scorpions, and poisonous insects can be found everywhere. I've prepared a great gift for you, Essie. Enjoy it, and wish you never come back.' Thought Valery.

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