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   Chapter 129 Since I was a mistress, I Was Not Afraid Of Anyone (Part Two)

Mystery of Love By Orange Characters: 5443

Updated: 2020-02-09 00:32

The pastry chef was hired from Britain. The cakes they made were so delicious.

From a distance, with the help of a maid, Valery came over.

She pretended to turn a blind eye to it and ignored it.

However, Valery didn't want to let her go so easily. She walked into the pavilion and sat down without asking anything.

Valery thought she would be the hostess of the family in the future. She had to make herself as the hostess and suppress this little bitch everywhere.

Essie was in a bad mood, and she even felt that the food in her mouth tasted different. It really could affect her appetite.

"In the house, do you feel that you've come to the Wonderland as a poor girl? I'm afraid that you will not enjoy such a good day for a long time. "

Essie sneered and ignored her deliberately. She took out her phone and started to play games as if she was infuriated.

The maid poured a cup of fruit tea for Valery. She took a sip and said slowly, "as long as you are willing to divorce Zac, I can give you a large sum of money, so that you can enjoy the upper class life in the rest of your life."

"Miss Valery, my husband has given me a black card, and I can even afford a plane. Do you think I'm poor?" Essie sneered.

Hearing that, Valery was speechless. She hadn't expected that Zac would even give her a VIP card. Was it true that he really wanted to live with her for a long time? In that case, she and her child would have no status at all?

"He is just interested in you temporarily. When he is tired of you, you will be tamed and come back to life."

"It doesn't matter. At least, I still hold the ori

oking for her all over Dragon City made Essie's heart ache.

She lowered her head and took a sip of water, trying to calm herself down.

"I am not sure about the evaluation." She replied lightly. Somebody had decided to turn over a new leaf. She didn't want to piss him off again. At this moment, Zac frowned and glared at his cousin. "Is he as handsome as I am?" he asked.

"Oh, different type. You are the president, while he is the sunshine type." Ivy puckered up her lips.

Caressing her little head, Zac said, "work hard. Don't keep admiring dream lover."

When I graduate from the University, I will go to find Hanson and marry him! "

Hearing that, Daisy chuckled and covered her mouth. "Ivy, Sunny is his fiancee. When you graduate from college, their children has grown up."

"Sunny isn't his type, and all the girls in our class guessed that he didn't like Sunny at all, because the points he gave to Sunny were not high every time, but he always gave the highest score to his junior sister, Essie." Ivy didn't notice that there was a man looking at her coldly.

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