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   Chapter 128 Since I was a mistress, I Was Not Afraid Of Anyone (Part One)

Mystery of Love By Orange Characters: 5719

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"Zac, don't go, stay with our baby, okay?" She looked pitiful.

"I'll come back later." Zac said coldly. He got rid of her hands and ran out of the ward.

Looking at the direction he disappeared, she was angry and anxious, and almost burst into tears.

Mary came over, patted her on the shoulder and comforted her, "don't worry. Take it easy. He will come back to you sooner or later as long as the child is here."

The bamboo forest was quiet and dark.

A stone paved path winding to the depths. The sun was dyed into green by bamboo leaves, and scattered on the path.

Breeze kissed the tip of bamboo, rustling, light and quiet as if someone was laughing with pride.

But Essie walked very fast. Her heavy steps seemed to show her inexplicable anger.

It was Zac. He caught up with her quickly and held her in his arms from behind.

"Honey, don't be angry. I'll punish myself." He knew that this period of time would definitely cause trouble and misunderstanding for her, but in order to make the child born safely, he could not be neglected, and could only temporarily make her suffer.

With a look of anger, confusion and depression, she turned her head and said, "iceberg guy, I just can't understand. Since you care so much about your children, why don't you just marry Valery. Anyway, the child needs a complete family."

With a serious look on his face, Zac held her shoulders and said, "we can give her an intact family."

Essie felt speechless.

To be a step mother? No way!

"Stop your wishful thinking. I don't plan to be a stepmother for others!"

"Then we can have our own baby." Said Zac with a smile. He wouldn't force her to accept it. She was a woman of sharp tongue,

covering her mouth.

Holding her in his arms, Ivy said, "so, my cousin, you should try to change William's attitudes towards you."

"What are you talking about?" Daisy glanced at her coquettishly, her cheeks turning red.

Zac knew her secret clearly. But it was not easy for William to get his heart out again. After all, William had been badly hurt. As their brother, he had to put in more effort for them.

As soon as he could think of it, another woman also thought of it. So she immediately put it into action and said, "Daisy, Ivy, Zac and I planned to climb the mountain today, but we failed. You two have to go with us tomorrow, and we'll bring William as well."

"Okay." When Daisy heard that William would go, her eyes were shining with excitement. Ivy was a party girl, so she would not miss such a good chance.

Zac was crazy in his heart. He shot a glare at Essie. What about the 'two people's world'?

In the afternoon.

When Albert came back, he asked his son to go to the study room and play chess with him.

After working in the studio for a while, Essie went to the garden alone and had an afternoon tea.

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