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   Chapter 126 Why Is The Bed Smaller (Part Two)

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Updated: 2020-02-09 00:02

In the room, Zac had already gone back to the bed. He looked at her carefully. "If you don't come out, I'll break in."

"It is all your bathtub's fault to be so comfortable." She cracked a smile to cover up her frail heart.

She was about to go to bed, but she suddenly stopped and stood at the bedside, thinking about the bed. Why did the bed become smaller than it was yesterday? Did she get the illusion because of her blurred eyes?

"Aren't you very sleepy? Why don't you sleep?" Zac leaned against the head of the bed, with a flash of indescribable joy in his eyes.

She lay down and pulled up the quilt. Then he lay down and turned around. With his head resting on his hand, he smiled at her and said, "you muddle headed fool, how about Dragon City? Is there any problem? "

"I am fine, but the pressure is too hard." She pouted.

"I'll take you out tomorrow to relax." He rubbed her hair with his long fingers and played with it with interest.

"Where do you want to go?" She raised her almond shaped eyes.

"Where do you want to go?" Drawing under his breath was his perfect lips.

"Let's go climbing the mountain and invite more friends, together with Jim, Alice and Holy. After all, tomorrow is weekend, they should be free, right?" She giggled, with a hint of cunning hidden in the jumping dimples on her cheeks.

"Only you and I are not good enough?" Zac furrowed his eyebrows. Since his identity had been exposed to the public, she had tried his best to refuse to get along with him alone.

"Let's go out and play. The more the merrier." She temporized. From now on, she had to get rid of the habit to him and keep a distan

to make the beds with the same patterns but different size in his house. If she might want to do the sexual movement with him next time, he would change the bed to a bigger one. Otherwise...

He smirked.

On the other side of Dragon City.

The private detective showed Elizabeth the photos he had taken secretly.

"Good!" Elizabeth laughed ferociously. She was good at making trouble as long as she got the goods on this little bitch, she could make Essie to be blackened to death. It would be useless for Essie to defend herself with these photos. "Print them out and ask someone to release them."

After the private detective left, Valery gave a thumbs up to her and said, "Mommy, you're so smart. You've found her braid. I never thought that she would play around outside without telling Zac. When Zac learned about it, he must be furious, so he would divorce her without hesitation! "

Elizabeth smiled coldly, "not only Zac, your aunt Marry and the whole family won't let her go. You are the only one to be Zac's wife. If anyone else dares to take your place, they're courting death!"

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